Reset Windows Login Password
Reset Windows Login Password without System Reinstall

To regain access to the lock computer, there is absolutely no need to reinstall Windows OS as it takes much more time and delete all valuable data in C drive. With this powerful password recovery software, you can easily reset login password of all Windows versions in less than 5 minutes. No data will be erased during the process. It is much safer and more effective than system reinstallation. It applies to:



Make a Password Reset Disk
3 Different Ways to Make a Password Reset Disk

No matter which software you are going to use for resetting or recovering Windows login password, you have to make a password reset at first. It is the actual program to change the login password. Unlike other similar programs, this Windows Password recovery software offers 3 ways to burn a password reset disk: CD, DVD and USB flash Drive.

Note: Don't forget to backup the data on the disk because the burning process will format and erase all data on the drive.


Support All PC Brands and Windows Versions
Support All PC Brands and Windows Versions

This Windows Password Recovery has very good support for all Windows version. No matter it is as old as Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 or as new as Windows 8/Windows 10. On the contrary, other competitive tools (NT Password/Ophcrack) have very limited support for the latest Windows 10.

Another good news is that no matter what brand of PC or laptop you are using, it is able to recover the forgotten or lost password as the same, even for brands with strict security mechanism such as Dell, HP and ThinkPad. Other supported brands include Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Lenovo, MSI, Gigabyte and many others.


3 Easy Steps to Reset Forgotten Windows Login Password


1. Install and Run Windows Password Recovery on a computer you can access.


2. Insert a disk to the accessible computer and burn a password reset disk with it.


3. Boot locked computer from the disk and reset the password of target account.

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From Our Customers

I am quite impressed with this program. I have no much knowledge about computer and I can totally understand how to operate the program at my first glance. It is superb user friendly for newbies like me and I'd love to share the program with my friends and colleagues.


I tested 3 programs before finally go with this password recovery program. It has more burning options and very good user interface. The whole process is smooth and no problem comes up. As an owner of repair shop, it saves me a lot of time and expands my business much further.


I upgraded my Windows 7 laptop to the latest Windows 10 build and unfortunately couldn't remember the login password. I noticed this program from Google and got my password recovered in a few minutes. I was nearly to reinstall the OS like usual but this program helps me out.



Windows Password Recovery

Still not make decision with this program? Why not give it a try? It is totally free and you can test out whether it works or not. You can also get fast reponse from our support team if you have any question about the program.

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