[Fixed]Windows 10/7/8 Says Password Incorrect after Computer Sleep

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Sleep mode in Windows computer usually indicates a hibernation mode where machine will go to rest but you can restart it anytime you like from the exact restoration point. In short, your unfinished saved works will be restored exactly from you left it. Windows laptops goes in sleep mode automatically if you let the lid down for 30 seconds and in Windows computer you will have to manually put them into sleep mode.


But, if you turn on your computer then it asks for password. Even inputting the right password, it keeps saying password is incorrect. Continuously entering the wrong password can get your computer locked. So, if your computer is showing incorrect password then you will have to remember the correct password or else you will have to reset the password using a third party software.


In this guide, we are going to use ophcrack and Windows password mate to reset the password on your Windows 7/8 computer. Kindly, follow any method that is suited to you and it should unlock your computer.


Method #1: Using ophcrack to Recover Windows Password

Method #2: Remove Login Password with Windows Password Mate


Method #1: Using ophcrack to Recover Windows Password

You might heard Ophcrack because many bloggers recommend it when you were searching in Google. It is a great tool for recovering password on Windows XP and Vista. Most importantly, it is totally free. However, it cannot crack passwords more than 6 characters, so only use this software if you are using an unsafe short password.


Step 1: Head to Ophcrack official website and download the ISO image from there.


Step 2: Insert a CD/DVD or USB key to your computer and burn the ISO image file into your device.


Step 3: Use the bootable disk on the locked PC and when you turn it on, ophcrack should be loaded on the main screen.


ophcrack password recovery


Step 4: Select "Ophcrack – Graphic mode" and follow the instruction on the software.


Step 5 : Finally, if it succeeds to recover your password then it will show it on the main screen and you should write it on a piece of paper and use it enter into your PC.


reset password with ophcrack



1. Cannot recover passwords more than 6 characters length.

2. Outdated software that do not work with 64 bit Windows computers.

3. Very complex and difficult to operate.

4. Password recovery is not 100% guaranteed.


Method #2: Remove Login Password with Windows Password Mate

Ophcrack, to be honest is pretty useless and doesn't really work in 2017 anymore. With advancement of technology and operating systems, we must use updated software like Windows Password Mate, which is an solid Windows password recovery utility that cracks and remove password from any locked Windows PCs and laptops. It doesn't matter if your password is more than 6 characters or mixed with special symbols, this program can completely destroy any password from your computer. It has been successfully tested on many locked computers. It even works with Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP and all other Windows OS versions.


Plus, it does works independently without any internet connection. It supports over 8000+ computer and laptop brands and models.The intuitive interface of this program makes it super easy to use and it hardly takes few minutes to completely remove the password from your Windows computer. Let's see how to use this program to reset user password from your computer.


win version


Windows Version

Step 1: Download and Install

Firstly, you will need a separate accessible computer so that you can make a bootable disk using your USB key or CD/DVD. If you already have a different computer or laptop then first download UUkeys and install it in any location.


Windows Password Mate start up

Step 2: Create Password Reset Disk

Open the program and use a USB key or CD/DVD to burn the recovery files from UUkeys to your CD/DVD or USB key. It takes only few minutes to burn the files and when it is done, you will see a pop up message with the following information:


burn iso to usb

Step 3: Change Boot Sequence on Locked Computer

Once the burning process is completed, take out the disk and insert it to the locked computer. Now, power on the computer and set USB or DVD as the boot device via BIOS settings. This makes the password reset disk taking into effect. Or you will again see the login screen asking for password.


bios settings for boot priority


Step 4: Reset User Password and Remove 'Password is Incorrect' Error Message

When the locked computer booting from the external disk, you will see the following screen a few minutes after startup. Now, you need to select a Windows system and the account you wish to reset the password. At the end, click "Reset Password" button to remove it from login screen.


The password is now completely removed from your computer, so access it normally without any restriction.


reset windows password



If you are a computer expert then do not hesitate to use ophcrack. But do notice that it has immense drawbacks and that is why we recommend Windows Password Mate to remove any kind of password from your Windows computer. Please note that it also provides instant online support if you have any question about the software.


win version


Windows Version


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