Windows Password Genius Review and Alternative If Not Working

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Windows Password Genius Review

Windows Password Genius is one of the biggest names in regards of Windows password recovery. The vendor also offers password cracking tool for Windows, Office, ZIP, RAR and database. Windows Password Genius is a quite popular program for resetting Windows password, no matter it is a local admin account or domain account connected to a network. In addition, it supports legacy and UEFI boot, meaning the password reset disk on all sorts of old and new computers. So basically, it is a program ranked in top 5 in this field.


Windows Password Genius

How to Use Windows Password Genius

How to use Windows Password Genius? I can see a lot of users looking for anwser to this question as they are quite confused when first come across this program. The process is quite simple. Find a working Windows computer and install Windows Password Genius on it. Then open the program and insert a USB stick. After that, burn files to the USB to make it bootable. Finally, insert the USB to the locked computer and remove password from a targe account.


You might come across a few problem when using Windows Password Genius. For example, the password is still at there after reset. It could also throw up a "failed to detect" error when using a USB flash drive or DVD/CD to create a boot disk. In the worst case scenario, the burning will fail and you won't be able to create your password reset disk. A closer look reveals that uses a relatively old pre-install environment, or PE. This often leads to the BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death when the PE loads.


Windows Password Genius Issues


These compelling reasons often cause users to give up and try something else. But what else? What are the viable alternatives to Windows Password Genius? This article offers two different methods to unlock your Windows PC when you have forgotten the password. Pick the one that appeals to you most.

Alternative 1: Reset Windows Password Using Command Prompt

If you have some knowledge about computers, then you can also try using the Command Prompt method. There are actually several ways to do this, so we'll describe the one where you use Safe Mode and a simple command line execution to reset the old password.


Step 1: Boot up your computer and hit F8 while it is booting up. This will take you to Advanced Boot Options. Select 'Safe Mode with Command Prompt' and hit Enter. This will run the admin cmd.


Step 2: Run the following command by typing it on the command line and pressing Enter: net user samplename samplepassword


Step 3: Replace 'samplename' and 'samplepass' with the name of the locked account and a new password. This command will change the password for that particular user name. You may then reboot your computer normally and use this new password for access.


Reset Windows Password Command Prompt


Although this is a fairly straightforward method, you may not be comfortable using it if you are completely unfamiliar with Command Prompt. One wrong command can cause havoc with your system, and you may not want to risk it. What's more, if the admin password has been set before, you will need to remember that to access user accounts. If you don't, then you can't use this method.

Alternative 2: Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery is unarguably one of the best Windows password recovery utilities available today. It supports every OS version from Windows XP to Windows 10, and has been tested extensively on all the top desktop brands in the world. The UI is refreshingly simple, and even new users won't have any problems navigating this software.


Windows Password Recovery not only lets you unlock any Windows PC or Windows Server, but it can also remove admin account password in case you're using it to access your computer. What's more, the password reset disk you create can be used again in case you need it. Just make sure you keep it in a secure location that only you have access to. The following section shows you how to use Windows Password Recovery to unlock any Windows system. Step 1 and Step 2 must be done on a different PC in case yours is locked:


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version


Step 1: Install the Windows Password Recovery software after downloading the file from the official source.


Step 2: Launch the application, insert a DVD or USB drive and hit 'Burn' to create the password reset disk.


Windows Password Recovery start up



Step 3: Now insert this disk or drive into the locked computer and boot it up. During the boot process, go to the boot menu and change the boot priority. You will need to click on a special key like Del or F2 or Esc to get to the boot menu. Resume the boot after changing the boot order.


Step 4: In the software interface, select the Windows version of the target PC (the locked one), the user name of the locked account and click on 'Reset Password'. Once it is reset, click on 'Reboot' after removing the reset disk.


reset windows password


You will now be able to access the computer without entering a password. However, it is highly recommended that you set a new password that is strong and unique, and easy for you to remember. Don't worry if you forget it, though, because you will already have the password reset disk ready to use again.


Editor's Note

If Windows Password Genius won't work for some reason, please contact their support team first. However, if no result from their side, there are plenty of alternatives for Windows password reset. Don't be bother or scared. The alternative choice suggested in this post works well on Windows editions.


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