How to Unlock Windows 7 Password with CD or without Software

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If you have forgotten Windows 7 computer password and want to find some way to unlock your computer then you have come to the right place. Forgetting Windows 7 login password could be really agitating and displeasing moment since it prevents you to access your own computer. It can be really frustrating if you want to use your computer immediately for some emergency tasks.


While, this can be a real exasperating moment but ultimately we have come to rescue you from this situation. In this brief guide, we will pageant a few tricks that will aid to unlock your Windows 7 computer. And no, we will not ask you to re-install the operating system all over again to give your computer a new start. The methods shared in this tutorial are 100% legal and it won't delete a single damn file from your computer. See the below methods to learn how to achieve this.


Method 1: How to Unlock Windows 7 Password using CMD for Free

Method 2: How to Unlock Windows 7 Computer Screen without Disk

Method 3: How to Unlock Windows 7 Laptop without Software


Method 1: How to Unlock Windows 7 Password using CMD for Free

Command prompt (CMD) is one of the oldest yet powerful and efficient text based programs on Windows 7 to perform a set of crucial functions in safe mode. It can be used to load critical operating system files to reset password of local user accounts that comes with the locked computer. It is totally free but it requires some knowledge to operate it correctly.


Step 1: Insert a Windows installation disc on your victim computer and reboot from it.


Step 2: Select your native language and hit next. Click on "Repair Your Computer" link from the bottom corner of the screen.


Step 3: Select "Troubleshoot" followed by "Command Prompt" to launch the command prompt window.


reset windows 7 password with cmd


Step 4: On the command prompt screen, type the following line and press Enter: net user Rocky NewPassword


Step 5: Replace ‘Rocky' with your username and "NewPassword" with any password of your choice.


Step 6: Restart your computer and use the new password to get into your computer again.


Though this method is free, it is not applicate to everyone because you have to get a bootable Windows disk and know some advanced computer skills. It would be a disaster if you did it wrongly. So please be warned and be careful if you stick to this suggestion. Or you can just follow a more simple way as we mentioned in next section.


Method 2: How to Unlock Windows 7 Computer Screen without Disk

Most of people forgot to make a password reset disk and they chose to reinstall the OS because they couldn't come up a better ideal under such a case. Actually, you can make a password later and use it to reset Windows 7 password. However, you have to use some password recovery software to complete the task. In the following part, we will take Windows Password Mate as an example.


Windows Password Mate is one of the most reliable and respectable Windows password recovery program that has helped countless people to unlock their Windows computers. It works flawlessly on all versions of Windows operating system including Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc. Not only that, you can be relieved to know that not a single document from your computer will be deleted by using this software. In short, it will get the job done without modifying anything on your computer except the password from the login screen will be vanished totally. Let us demonstrate how to use this program so that you can discern better.



win version


Windows Version

Step 1: Install and Lanuch Windows Password Mate

Download UUkeys on an accessible PC or laptop and store it on your computer. Open the file and install the program on your computer. The installation process is very straight-forward and can be done easily by reading the instruction.


Windows Password Mate start up

Step 2: Burn a Password Reset with USB or CD/DVD

Launch the program and insert an empty USB flash drive or CD/DVD on that computer and let the program recognize it. Select the USB flash drive disk from the drop-down menu and click on "Burn USB" to initiate the burning process.


burn iso to usb

Step 3: Reboot Locked Computer from Password Reset Disk

After the burning process is finished successfully, eject the flash drive and insert it on the locked computer. Now turn on the computer and boot from that password reset disk you just created. If you don't how to do that, please check this guide instead.


bios settings for boot priority


Step 4: Start Unlocking Windows 7 Password

Reboot your locked computer and wait until the Windows Password Mate being loaded on the startup screen. Now select the operating system that you are using i.e. Windows 7 and choose one of the accounts on the list. Click on "Reset Password" followed by "Reboot" and this should totally destroy the password from the welcome screen.


reset windows password


You can now enter into your PC without entering any password at all. This is by far the easiest way to unlock a Windows 7 computer or laptop.


win version


Windows Version


Method 3: How to Unlock Windows 7 Laptop without Software

If you have set up multiple administrator accounts in your computer then you can use those accounts to recover login password for your current locked out username password. The method is pretty basic and straight-forward. Here's how to do that:


Step 1: Reboot your computer and login into your system using any other administrator account.


Step 2: Right-click on "My Computer" and click on "manage" to launch the computer management window.


Step 3: Click on "Local Users and Groups" folder followed by "Users" from the left side panel of the window.


Step 4: On the right side pane, right-click on the username that is currently locked out and click on "Set Password".


reset windows 7 password admin account


Step 5: Enter a new password for your username account and modify the changes. Reboot your system and use the new password to enter into your computer again.



Final Words :

So, it is a compelling prove that Windows Password Mate can access a locked computer without any issue. The program is designed elegantly so that the beginner users can also use it even if it is for the first time. It has been tested on myriad of locked computers and has been successfully finished the unlocking operation in all of them. In case, you have any issue with the software, don't forget to contact the staff support to get any kind of assistance.



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