How to Unlock My Computer Password with PC Unlocker Software

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Computer experts have always recommended putting a password on your computer or laptop so that you can protect it from strangers who want to access your system without your permission. It is absolutely a delightful way to maintain the privacy and security of your personal data and belongings. Even Microsoft has upgraded their User profiles security with the latest Windows 10 by introducing pictures and PIN passwords along with normal text passwords.


While, it is absolutely perfect to password-protect your computer but the annoying and frustrating situation arises when you forget the password of your own computer. Literally, it is one of the worst feelings on earth and you might want to throw it away or re-install the operating system again so that you can get that password away from your computer.


Now, before you get extremely annoyed, read the tips shared in this article where we will show you how to unlock your computer without even knowing the password. It may sound unrealistic but actually, you can unlock your laptop or computer or even completely remove the password from it.


What is PC Unlocker?


PC Unlocker is a desktop program to help you reset login password of Windows machines. It has been used for many years and it is still one of the most popular ways to unlock a computer without password. It is much faster than reinstallation and most importantly; it doesn't delete a single piece of data from the computer drive.


Method 1: How to Unlock Computer Windows 10/8/7 with PC Unlocker Software

Method 2: How to Reset Password via Microsoft Account for Windows 10/8


Method 1: How to Unlock Computer Windows 10/8/7 with PC Unlocking Software

The best way to unlock any Windows computer is to completely remove the password from the computer so that you can normally access your computer without any password. To accomplish such tasks, we will have to take aid from professional Windows password recovery programs and in this part we will be using Windows Password Recovery to completely remove the encryption from your computer.


Windows Password Recovery guarantees that the password from your computer will be totally removed that will make it easier to login to your PC without inputting any password. It can crack both 32 bit and 64 bit computer passwords and can reset passwords over 10 characters long. It has been used in all models of laptops and computers such as HP, Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Asus and other 200+brands and it has successfully removed the password from all the computers and laptops.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Step 1: Download, install & Launch Software

Firstly, borrow a working computer from your friends or family members and install the software on it by completing the setup wizard. Finally, launch the program to see its main graphical user interface.


Windows Password Recovery start up

Step 2:Create a Bootable disk in two Ways

Connect your USB drive or insert the CD/DVD on your computer where you installed the program and choose the driver name by clicking on the drop-down icon and select the name of the device followed by clicking on "Burn USB" or "Burn CD/DVD" according to the device you are using.


burn iso to usb

Step 3: Change Boot Settings to USB or DVD

The first boot device on a normal computer is set to hard drive in default. You need to change the boot settings in order to reset the password. In modern computer, you can hit the special key (Del, Esc, F11, etc) on startup to lanuch boot menu and seletec USB or DVD as the boot device. On old computers, you have to go to BIOS settings and modify boot device priority in there.


bios settings for boot priority


Step 4: Instantly Unlock Administrator Account

Insert the bootable disk on your locked computer now and reboot the PC. program should be loaded on the startup screen and from here, only 4 sub-steps are required: First, select the OS you are using like Windows 7 or Windows 10. Choose the main locked username to reset the password. Then click "Reset Password" – Wait until the operation is finished. Now, click "Reboot". The computer will restart and you can access the device like before as the password will be removed from login screen.


reset windows password



Method 2: How to Unlock Password via Microsoft Account (Windows 10/8.1/8 Only)

If you are using Windows 8 or later versions then it is pretty simple to change your password from your Microsoft account. The reason why it is so easy is because you can access the official website of Microsoft and modify your password which will automatically reset the password of your computer as well. Follow this procedure to reset the password of your Microsoft account.


Step 1: Grab a distinct computer or a smartphone with stable internet connection and visit


Step 2: Click on "Reset password" and on the following page choose "I Forgot My Password".


Step 3: The website will offer you two options to reset your password, whether to enter the email or input the phone number that is associated with your Microsoft account.


Step 4: Next, receive the OTP and type the 6 digit code on the website to move on to the next page.


Step 5 : Here, you can setup a brand new password for your Microsoft account as well as Windows 10 account. Now, you can use the new password to login to your computer and use it normally like before.


microsoft account reset



So, it is a conclusive evidence that you can unlock the password of your PC even if you forget it. And if you forget your password regularly then it is recommended to keep a copy of Windows Password Recovery on your flash drive so that you can use it every time you forget your own computer password. Don't forget to like our Facebook fan page and follow us on twitter to get the latest update daily.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version


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