How to Unlock Excel Sheet or Workbook without Password

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When it comes to official purposes, people often choose to encrypt their Excel files with passwords. However, at times, many people fail to recall the password being set to the relevant Excel file. Such situations can be frustrating as, if not recovered, the user can lose his/her file content. But don't worry, this article will help you with three easy tools to unlock the forgotten password of Excel worksheet or workbook..

Method 1: Unlock Excel Password by Changing File Extension

This technique is perfect to remove password for Excel 2010 along with its earlier versions. So, before getting started with the below instructions, make sure your PC has MS 2010 version on. If not, please take a look at other menthods suggested in this article.


Step 1: Make a copy of the relevant password-secured Excel file.


Step 2: Right-click on the Excel file and click "Rename" to modify the file extension from .xls to zip. If the file extension is hidden, you need to enable it in folder settings.


Step 3: Unzip the data of the zip Excel file and save it with .xml as its format.


Step 4: Now, double-tap on Excel file with XML extension. Then open the file with XML Editor.


Step 5: Hit F and Ctrl buttons together. Then find the "SheetProtection". You will get a line that says <sheetProtection algorithmName="SHA-512" hashValue="> and delete it


Step 6: Save the changes. Also, modify the file extension from .zip to xls. Tap to access your Excel file. You will see that its password is safely unlocked and removed


Excel Password Unlock



Method 2: Excel Password Unlocker Software (For Worksheet & Workbook)

Unlike the above method if you are looking for a reliable technique with no possible limitations, download and Excel Password Recovery tool. It is the simplest way to crack forgotten Excel password without corrupting or losing original file data. It not only recovers Excel open password and but also removes protection from worksheet or workbook. Besides, the built-in password unlocking engine has much more powerful functions than other competitors.To get a clearer idea of how to use this tool, help yourself with the stepwise instructions given below:


win version


Windows Version

Step 1:Download and run Excel Password Recovery Tool

First of all, directly download the tool by tapping on the above hyperlink. Install the same in your PC. Then go to tool's main window and select "Recover Open Password from Excel".


Excel Password Recovery

Step 2:Add MS Excel File

Click on the "Add File" button from the menu bar. Next, browse to load your password-secured Excel file from the directory into the program


Excel Password Recovery Import

Step 3:Choose Appropriate Attack Type and Set Parameters

This step is followed by three strong password recovery/unlocking algorithms. Each of them is related to the respective attack type.


There are three attack types, namely: Dictionary Attack, Brute-Force Attack, and Mask Attack. It solely depends on your choice of selecting the attack type on the basis of how much you remember about the password. Below is an example of Burte-force with Mask Attack.


Excel Password Recovery Config


Step 4: Start Unlocking Excel Worksheet or Workbook Password

Simply, tap on the "Start" button to initiate the password recovery process. Here, the time required for the entire process depends on the password complexity and the attack type you have chosen. As the process completes, your forgotten password is recovered/cracked and displayed in a small dialog box on the screen


Excel Password Recovery Success


This program has nearly served countless users successfully. Secondly, it lets you break existing Excel password without affecting the file's internal data. Thus, it reflects a good reputation in terms of quality and value in the market.


win version


Windows Version


Method 3: Unlock Excel Worksheet Password Using VBA Code

Applying VBA code is the first and simplest way if you are not much concerned with the file security. It simply generates a code that is usable to unlock your Excel file password. Here is how you can do that:


Step 1: Go to the worksheet which you want to unprotect.


Step 2: Press Alt+F11 to access macro editor. Once you are in VBA, double-click from left panel menu list to unlock your dedicated Excel file/sheet. A general declarations page will open up for that respective sheet.


Step 3: Copy the code from here. Now, just cut and paste the given code as it is and don't make any change in the sheet name or anything, etc.


Excel Password Unlock VBA


Step 4: After you are done adding the code, run Macro by tapping "Run" in menu bar located at the top screen of VBA Editor. Else, simply hit F5 button.


Step 5: The macro will take you to the relevant Excel worksheet that you want to unlock. Next, a notification box will pop up with a usable code. Now, from "Review" menu tab, tap "Unprotect Sheet".


Step 6: Finally, put the generated code as your file password. Now your file will unlock and open.

Though Microsoft is regularly updating Excel, putting efforts to keep it compatible amongst its versions, VBA code doesn't work on older Excel versions. Also, the code may not work properly with upcoming Excel versions as well.



Hopefully, the above methods are useful to resolve your forgotten password unlocking issue. However, experts consider the second tool as the best and safe method to unlock forgotten Excel password.


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