How to Reset Password on Toshiba Laptop Windows 10/7/8/Vista

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Toshiba laptop has really taken over the market recently from the starting of this year. It is indeed a reputable brand with excellent product quality and high specifications at very reasonable prices. There comes a question: "How do I unlock a Toshiba Satellite laptop on Windows 7 if I forgot the login password"?


Don't feel desperate. Just take a breath and calm down. since you are not the only person who forgot his own laptop password. If you change your password on a regular basis then it is assumable that you might forget the password once in a while.


Fortunately, there are two ways that can be useful to these situations to bypass login password so that you can gain access your system like before without any issue. And NO, we will not ask you to reformat your laptop and make a fresh install that may delete all your important data from your computer. Re-installing operating system may resolve this issue but it will damage your laptop to a severe level by completing wiping out the primary disk. So, it's better to use the methods shared in this guide that are absolutely safe to unlock a Toshiba laptop without password.


Method 1: How to Unlock Toshiba Laptop with Password Reset Disk

Method 2: How to Reset Toshiba Laptop Password without Disk or CD


Method 1: How to Unlock Toshiba Satellite Laptop with Password Reset Disk

Basically, Password Reset Disk is a pre-created disk to reset Windows password when you forgot it. This feature comes in default on Windows 7/8/10. If you made one already then you are very lucky and the following steps can easily reset your Toshiba laptop password with that disk:


Step 1: Plug in the password-reset disk and reboot your laptop. When the welcome screen appears, simply click on "Reset Password…" located right under empty password field.


Step 2: A new password reset wizard will open, click on "Next" once. Choose the driver where the password reset disk is situated. Setup a new password and click on "next".


Step 3: Finish the setup wizard and restart your computer. Now, simply enter the new password when asked and you will be able to enter into your laptop normally.


password reset disk



A kindly remind: The password-reset disk can be only used to reset password on the computer that created the reset disk. It can't reset password on other computers.


Method 2: How to Reset Toshiba Laptop Password without Disk or CD

If you do not have password reset disk and at the same time you don't want to format or install operating system then don't get dishearten since there's one more way to reset your laptop password by using a third party Windows password recovery software. That's where Windows Password Recovery comes into play.


Windows Password Recovery is one of the most well-known program for resetting password on any Windows computer or laptop. It currently works on all Windows versions including Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and all other older versions. It doesn't matter how tough and strong password you have used to protect your laptop,it can unlock Windows laptop password of any brand like magic. It totally removes the password from welcome screen and let you get into your laptop normally like before.

Top Features of Windows Password Recovery:


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Step 1: Install and Launch Windows Password Recovery

Click above button to download the file on a computer you can currently login as admin. Then install it on the computer by following the steps in the wizard. Double click the desktop shortcut to open the program. It is shown like this:


Windows Password Recovery start up

Step 2: Insert USB/CD and Make Password Reset Disk Now

You can make a password reset disk with CD or USB drive. It is your own choice. In this tutorial, we will take USB as an example. Please insert a USB flash drive to the computer. Now, select the USB flash drive name from the drop-down menu and click on "Burn USB".


Alternatively, you can use a rewritable CD/DVD to proceed with this step. Once the burning process is completed, you will be able to see a pop up messages that says "Burning Successfully!" just like this:


burn iso to usb

Step 3: Boot from USB on Locked Toshiba Laptop

Eject the flash drive and insert it on your locked Toshiba laptop and reboot it. Press 'Delete' or other special key displayed on the first screen to open boot menu or get into BIOS settings. From there, set the first boot device to USB. Save the settings and reboot the computer. A few seconds later, Windows Password Recovery will be displayed on the screen.


bios settings for boot priority


Step 4: Recover Lost Password on Toshiba Laptop

Wait until the program is loaded automatically on the startup screen and from there do the following:

1. Select the operating system that you using. For instance: Windows 10.

2. Choose the main administrator username that is currently locked.

3. Click on "Reset Password" to set a new password from your laptop.

4. Reboot. You can now access your laptop just like before you got locked out. No file or documents will be deleted at all.


reset windows password


In this short guide, we discussed two ways to reset your Toshiba laptop password. Bear in mind that there is a high probability that you might not have a password reset disk but in order to use third-party program, you don't really need any password reset disk or remember the old password to reset it. Except for , there are also other password recovery tool in the market, including John the Ripper, WinGeeker, Ophcrack and LabWin. You simply load the program in a flash drive and reset the password on your locked computer. Just as easy as it sounds. Hopefully, you guys loved the article and will share it on your social media profiles.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version


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