How to Reset Samsung Laptop Password on Windows 10/8/7

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Forgetting password on your own Samsung laptop could really bite in the back since Samsung laptops has a tendency to lock you out for several hours after inputting incorrect password many times. Whether it is a local account or administrator account, without using the correct password you won’t be able to access your own laptop which means all the documents and files inside your laptop will be inaccessible.


Before you start panicking and taking any rough decision like re-installing Windows again or completely format your hard disk which may erase everything from your computer outside recovery, we would like to enlighten you with two methods in this guide to reset your Samsung laptop password. We will try to intricate the solutions as concisely as possible so that you guys can implement it without any problem.


Method 1: How to Reset Samsung Laptop Password Online

Method 2: How to Unlock Samsung Laptop with Password Recovery Software

Method 1: How to Reset Samsung Laptop Password Online

If you are using a Windows 8 or Windows 10 then it is quite easy to reset the password of your laptop using a different computer or smartphone. Since it only requires you to modify the password of your Microsoft account and the password of your Samsung laptop will be automatically changed. Please remember, this part is only valid if you have used your Microsoft account and not any local account.


Simply go to using your mobile device or different laptop and select "I Forgot My Password". On the next page, you should be able to enter your Microsoft email or phone number for which you want to change the password for.


Then, receive the one time password on your phone or email and enter it on the website. Now, you should be able to modify your password. Simply setup a different new password and use this password to login to your Samsung Laptop.


microsoft account reset



1. It cannot change the password for local accounts.

2. Changing Microsoft password will automatically change the password for all the Microsoft services like Xbox, skype, outlook, etc.

3. It will not work if you do not remember your email/phone number associated with your Microsoft account.



Method 2: How to Unlock Samsung Laptop with Password Recovery Software

Even if you didn't have a Microsoft account associated with the laptop, then here comes another way to reset login password on Windows PCs and laptops by using Windows Password Recovery software. The steps are easy to follow and there is a clean UI with the program.


Why Windows Password Mate is Useful?

1. Reset/ bypass local or administrator user accounts password on all Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 10 and all other Windows servers.

2. You can replace your Microsoft account with local administrator account without causing any data loss.

3. Create password reset disk using USB flash driver and writable CD/DVD.

4. Supported in all kind of hard disks including UEFI, SATA disk, etc.


win version


Windows Version

Step 1: Get another Computer and Install the Program

In case you can’t use your own computer or laptop, you can create the password reset disk from a different computer with internet connection using a USB flash driver or a CD/DVD. UUkeys Windows Password mate can be downloaded in the form of ".exe" file format that can be installed in any Windows computer.


Windows Password Mate start up

Step 2: Create Password Reset Disk with USB

After installing, open the software and burn the subsequent ISO image file to your USB flash driver or CD/DVD. The program removes everything from your USB flash drive or CD/DVD. Creating a backup of those files are necessary before making the password reset disk.


burn iso to usb


Step 3: Boot from USB Drive and Reset Account Password

Next, insert the portable disk on your Samsung laptop and keep pressing F8 to activate the boot menu option and choose your flash drive or CD/DVD name to boot from. F8 is only applicable on Samsung laptops, if you are using different laptop or computer then the function key may vary.


After loading the program from your CD/DVD or flash drive on your Samsung laptop, you will see a new window that will show all the existing accounts on your laptop. Select the username and operating system that you are using and click on "Reset Password". This should immediately remove the password from your laptop even if it is a local account or administrator account.


reset windows password


After the password is reset, you can restart your laptop by removing the password reset disk and you should be able to login normally.


win version


Windows Version


You see, how easy it was to reset your Samsung laptop password if forgot? Windows Password Mate is one of the best Windows password recovery program and it is applicable to reset password in all computer and laptop brands and eligible to remove password from every Windows operating system. Simply, repeat the procedure mentioned in this guide whenever you forget the password of your Windows computer or laptop.


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