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Windows Password Recovery is the most effective program to reset Windows login password by far. We have tested it on various Windows distributions and have no problem with any of them. However, some of the competing programs failed to work on Windows 10.



What is the most favorite part we love about this program is that it has a very good user interface. No matter you are a computer guru or complete newbie; there is no problem in using the program. Plus, you have several options to make a bootable password reset disk.



For Windows password reset, this is the best program we have already tested in 2017. It simply works as its name implies with a great user interface. What impressed me is that it even works on my old XP laptop. In addition, the customer service is very good.





User Testimonials

I am quite impressed with this program. I have no much knowledge about computer and I can totally understand how to operate the program at my first glance. It is superb user friendly for newbies like me and I'd love to share the program with my friends and colleagues.

01 Agu 2016 08:17 AM

A Nightmare- Ending Converter!

I tested 3 programs before finally go with this password recovery program. It has more burning options and very good user interface. The whole process is smooth and no problem comes up. As an owner of repair shop, it saves me a lot of time and expands my business much further.

02 Agu 2016 10:17 AM

Easy to use!

I upgraded my Windows 7 laptop to the latest Windows 10 build and unfortunately couldn't remember the login password. I noticed this program from Google and got my password recovered in a few minutes. I was nearly to reinstall the OS like usual but this program helps me out.

03 Agu 2016 3:10 PM

Surprisingly Good Results

I was trying to recover my laptop password with NT Password first, which was recommended by many people but it just didn’t work on my Windows 10 laptop. Finally, this Windows password recovery software saved me and regains access to my computer.

05 Agu 2016 6:17 PM

Easy to use and powerful


Never expect the password reset process was that easy. Make a password reset disk, then boot from it and reset the password. This app is really smart and brilliant.

By Lawson   06 Agu 2016 11:34 AM

User friendly

I am totally a computer noob and no one would help me when I forgot Windows 7 login password. Then I turned to this software and it just reset the password in a few simple steps.

By Cassie   06 Agu 2016 4:17 PM

Work fast!

I knew this app from my close friend and it is just so nice. It makes me my work (running computer repair shot) much easier and saves me a lot of time.

By Karl   07 Agu 2016 9:45 AM

One software can do it all for u

I must to say it is the best program I have ever come across for recovering Windows password. The steps are straightforward and you just need to do a few mouse clicks.

By Mathew   09 Agu 2016 8:23 PM



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