How to Reset Forgotten Windows 7 Admin Password in 3 Ways

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Forgot your Windows 7 login password? Uh oh, alarming moment. It could be really very annoying if you need to use your computer urgently. And it is pretty assumable that if you don't have access to your computer then all files and folders contained in it are automatically lost.


In earlier Windows versions, this was not a tensed issue since you could easily edit the registry entries and regain access to your computer. But in Windows 7, Microsoft has fixed this bug making it almost impossible to gain access to the computer. Fortunately, there are three methods that can help to reset Windows 7 password, which we will share in this tutorial. Thankfully, these tricks are working and can bypass Windows 7 login screen effortlessly. Keep on reading to learn these tricks to recover Windows 7 admin or user password.


Method 1: How to Reset Windows 7 Password By Resetting Microsoft Account

Method 2: How to Reset Windows 7 Password via Password Recovery Software

Method 3: How to Recover Windows 7 Password by using Offline NT Password & Registry Editor


Method 1: How to Recover Windows 7 Password By Resetting Microsoft Account

Since the release of Vista, users can login their Windows PC with Microsoft account. All other Microsoft services such as Skype, Outlook, Xbox and other services are associated with the same account. So, if you could reset the password of your Microsoft account then you can use the new password to gain access to your own computer. Here's how to do that.


Step 1: From a working computer or mobile device, open with a web browser.


Step 2: Select "I Forgot My Password" and click on "Next".


Step 3: Input the Microsoft email or phone number and hit "next". Select how you would like to receive the one time security code and click "next".


microsoft account reset


Step 4: Enter the security code and go to the next page. Set up the new password and click "confirm".


Step 5: Now, turn on your computer and enter the new password that you just set up and it should let you enter into your computer. As easy as that.


But this part is useless if you don't have any Microsoft account or forgot the Microsoft email ID. In that case, you will have to use some profersional Windows Password Recovery program to bypass Windows 7 login screen.


Method 2: How to Reset Windows 7 Administrator Password in Seconds

Windows Password Recovery is the best solution to every locked computer. It doesn't matter if you are using Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, 2000 or any other Windows version, this program can reset any password and removes it completely from the login screen. It has been tested in myriad of locked computer and it received 90% success so far. It is very fast and within few minutes it can bypass Windows 7 password. Here's how to use the program.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Step 1: Download and Run Windows Password Recovery

Download the program on a computer with administrator rights and install the tool. Launch Windows Password Recovery to begin creating a bootable disk.


Windows Password Mate start up

Step 2: Make Password Reset with USB or CD/DVD

Insert an empty USB flash drive and let the program detect the USB flash drive. Choose the flash drive name from the drop-down menu and click on "Burn USB" to write all necessary files into the flash drive. After the burning process is completed, you will be able to see a pop message stating "Burning successfully". Eject the USB flash drive and insert it on the locked computer and reboot the PC.


burn iso to usb

Step 3: Reboot Locked Computer from Password Reset Disk

The default media on most PCs and Laptops is set to hard drive. So to make the locked computer booting from password reset disk, you have to frist change the first boot device to USB or DVD. You can do it via boot menu if the computer has such an option or edit the settings in BIOS. This can be done by pressing special key like ESC/Enter/Delete/F12/F10 during boot up. If you don't know how to do this, please search it in Google. We can list all of them in here because different computer brands use the different keys.


bios settings for boot priority


Step 4: Reset Windows 7 Admin Password of Local User Account

Since it's a bootable disk, the computer will automatically recognize it and load the program on startup. When program is loaded, you will be asked to enter only two information that is the operating system (Windows 7) you are using and the username that is currently locked out. After that, click on "Reset Password" and wait until the button is greyed out indicating the pass is successfully reset.


reset windows password


Click on "Reboot" and the computer will be restarted automatically. Now eject the USB flash drive and you should be able to enter into your PC without using any password at all.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version


Method 3: Reset Windows 7 Password with Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is a fast password recovery tool that helps to completely delete the login password from the computer. Learn how to use this tool to bypass Windows 7 password.


Step 1: Download Offline NT Password & Registry Editor from a separate working computer or laptop and save the ISO file on a convenient location.


Step 2: Insert an empty USB flash drive to the computer and burn the ISO image file into the USB flash drive using any ISO burner.


Step 3: Take the USB flash drive and plug it on the locked computer and turn it on. Wait for Offline NT Password & Registry Editor to load on the startup screen.


Step 4: Select the partition drive that contains the operating system files. Choose the password reset option. (Usually it’s the default option)


Offline NT Password & Registry Editor


Step 5: Select the "Edit user data and password option". Enter the username and select "Clear/blank Password" and exit from Offline NT Password & Registry Editor.


Offline NT Password & Registry Editor


Step 5: Now, eject the flash drive and restart your computer. You should be able to get into your computer without entering any password.




These are the most elegant methods to bypass any password on Windows computers. will never disappoint you and it exactly does its task like it is advertised with 70% accomplishment. Please do not use any of this method for any criminal activities or hack into any computer that is not yours. This tutorial should be used only on personal computers or any other computer taking appropriate permission from its original owner.



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