How to Remove Windows 10/8/7 Login Password from Startup

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How to do take a password off a Windows login? Have you ever been locked out of your Windows computer because you forgot the password? It's not a pleasant experience when you are prevented from accessing your valuable files because of a forgotten or lost password. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to remedy the situation. But first, you need to know a couple of things. One, you don't need to do a full re-installation of Windows in such a situation. Second, you don't need to do a factory reset just to remove the password.


So how can you get into Windows when you forgot the password? This article describes two different ways to remove the password if you get locked out.


Method 1: Take Off Windows Password Using CMD

Method 2: Totally Remove Login Password via Password Recovery Software


Method 1: How to Remove Windows Login Password Using Command Line

This method can be used when you're locked out and don't have another administrator account from which to reset or remove your password in Windows. Of course, the best way is to create a password reset disk in advance, but most users aren't aware that they need to do that. The Command Prompt in Safe Mode method is a workaround that uses the default admin account that doesn't have a password. The full process is described for you below:


Step 1: Boot up your computer and hold the F8 key until you see the "Advanced Boot Options" window. You'll see several options, from which you must choose "Safe Mode with Command Prompt."


Step 2: Once you select this option, the computer will boot to safe mode, and an admin Command Prompt will appear. Here, you can run the following command to reset your password: net user username new_password


Step 3: Replace "username" with the username for your locked account, and replace "new_password" with a fresh password. Then hit Enter.


reset windows password command line


Step 4: Now reboot your computer normally, and you will see that the new password works.


One thing to note is that this hidden administrator account has to be enabled in order for the above process to work. Also, if a password was set for that admin account, then you won't be able to use this command unless you know the password. In such situations, we recommend this next method, which is simple, convenient and can be executed very quickly.


Method 2: Remove Login Password from Windows Computer via Recovery Software

Command line is a bit tricky and not suitable for all users. If you were looking for a simple and effective to access the locked device, then a password recovery software is needed.Windows Password Recovery is a powerful application to reset your Windows password instantly on a locked machine. It uses the same principles as a password reset disk, and the only thing you need is a media storage device like a USB or a DVD/CD and a different computer, and you're good to go.


The best part about the software is that none of your data is touched, and you don't need to go through the rigmarole of using command line inputs and risk typing something wrong. Doing that could change other settings, and you don't want that. In some cases, typing the wrong command could result in the hidden admin password being changed without your knowledge. That means you can't use that method to get into your Windows computer.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Step 1: Install and Open

Find a a different computer and download the utility from this site. Then install and launch the application. You will see the main interface from the following screenshot.


Windows Password Recovery start up

Step 2: Create a Reset Disk

Insert a USB flash drive or a DVD/CD, then click on the "Burn" option next to the preferred storage media type. Your password reset disk will be created in a few moments.


burn iso to usb

Step 3: Boot up from Password Reset Disk

Now remove the disk or drive and insert it into your locked PC. Boot it up and change the boot order so it boots from the disk/drive. You can do this by clicking on the special key during the boot process - usually Esc, Del or F2. Once the boot order is changed, the computer will boot to the password reset window.


bios settings for boot priority


Step 4: Take a Password off Windows Computer at Startup

Here, select the OS version, the username that's locked, and click on "Reset Password" and then "Reboot". When your computer reboots, allow it to boot normally from the hard drive. You will now be able to login to your previously locked account without the need for a password.


reset windows password


This method is easy and doesn't require any technical expertise. As such, this is the recommended method if you don't want to risk breaking anything with wrong command line inputs. In addition, the password reset disk will be very useful if you ever forget your password again for your Windows computer.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version



Finally, we recommend that you create a new, unique and strong password once you log in. This is to keep your information private, and stop your data from being accessed by unauthorized people. Also, don't forget to write down or record the password.



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