4 Tools to Remove Password from PDF on Mac

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No offense to the old school book readers but when it comes to the practical use or the rise of the portable document format files or PDFs, they have replaced the traditional paperback and hardbound books. But sometimes we want to keep our information confidential by adding password to PDF file. The confidential file may contain personal talk with your diary, bank statements, financial records, etc. But if anyone has to open that secured file he or she must have to meet the authentication set by you.


But on the other side of this sometimes you need to remove that password since you have forgotten the password. Now to access your file without the password is a little difficult. To dodge the authentication you have to crack or bypass the password. Some users think that it is difficult in their Mac. So today to help you with that problem I have a list of tools that can remove password from PDF on Mac.

Method 1: Export PDF as New PDF on Mac

In this method, we just simply create a duplicate file of pdf to remove its password. But this method is only applicable if you already know the password and you want to remove the password.


Step 1: Find the location of password-protected PDF file and open it with Preview app on Mac. Now enter the password to unlock the PDF.


Step 2: Click on the "File" button from the toolbar of the opened PDF file. A new window will be displayed on your screen.


Export PDF as PDF on Mac


Step 3: Click on the "Export as PDF " button on the new window and select a location to save the exported PDF file. Once it is done, there is no need to input password to open the file, which means the password was removed successfully on Mac.


Method 2: Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to Remove PDF Password on Mac

Many PDF readers use Adobe Acrobat Reader it permits the user to make changes in the permission of a PDF file. Generally, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the default application to handle the PDF files.


Step 1: Open the desired PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Step 2: Now aim at the File menu in the toolbar. Go to the Properties option in the File menu.


Step 3: On the dialogue box aim for the Security option and open the drop-down menu of "Security Method".


Step 4: Set the security method to the "No Security" option. Now save the file and that's it.


No Security in Adobe Acrobat


This method is the most reliable method to remove the password from the locked PDF files. The best thing is that there is no loss of data because it assures you that the file won't get corrupted.


Method 3: For PDF Password? Give a Try on PDF Password Recovery for Mac

For most users who are seaching for PDF password removal is to find solutions to recover forgotton PDF password. The above two methods won't work if you could not remember the original password. However, it is not neccessary in this part as we will use PDF password recovery software to remove the password from target PDF document.

In here, we will use a premium software to help you crack password from PDF file. This is a very convenient PDF password recovery tool as it has many types of methods to break the password of PDF files in a much faster way.



win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Step 1:Get Started

Download, install and launch this PDF password recovery tool on your Mac. Hit the button "Recover Open Password from PDF " option.


PDF Password Recovery

Step 2:Add PDF File

In this step, you need to import the PDF file into the program . Once completed successfully, you will see file name, size and creation date of the file.



PDF Password Recovery Import


Step 3:Select Password Attack Type

There are three types of built-in password attack within the program. Each applies to different circumstances. The Dictionary attack is the best fit if you already have a dictionary file, which contains the password combinations. If you still had some impression of the password, such as length, character types, then Brute-force with Mask attack is the best. Below is the screenshot for password settings.


PDF Password Recovery Config


Step 4:Remove PDF Password on Mac

Select the right attack type based on the password information you can provide. Then click on the "Start" button to recover the PDF password. Then wait for the password to be cracked.


Excel Password Recovery Success


This software can easily remove the open password from PDF document and thus permits the user to modify or edit the PDF.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version


Method 4: Online PDF Password Remover for Mac

Online PDF Password Removal application is the same as desktop version. However, it only runs on at the server side. When you search for such an service, a couple of target websites turn off. Some of them are free but most are paid ones. It is a good go if the PDF did not contain any sensitive information. You don't know if the server kept a local copy of the file and used it without your notice.


Step 1: Seach PDF password removal in Google.


Step 2: Open the websites one by one in top search result.


Step 3: Upload PDF file to the server and leave an email address to receive the PDF once the password is recovered.


Step 4: Wait for the result and pay or donate some money to get the PDF file.


Online PDF Password Unlocker



Now make a smile on your face and tell your friends that you can crack the passwords of any PDF file. That's all from our list of tools that will help you to remove password from PDF on Mac.


At times, the task of cracking the password can be troublesome and time-consuming. But nothing to worry about as the above-listed tools are free and easy-to-use. So, you're all set to get access to PDFs on your Mac device. Still, if any query persists do notify us in the comment section.

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