How to Recover Password from Word If Forgot Word Password

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Microsoft Word is one of the most popular software on a Windows computer. The Redmond firm has been improving its Office suite since day one, adding more features while revamping the fan-favorite ones. One such feature lies in the ability to password-protect a file. Indeed, you can easily add a password to Word file, which protects your data from the prying eyes.


While this is a feature, one major drawback is that you can not access your Word files if you happen to forget or lose the password. Luckily, there are some workarounds for getting everything back in order. In reality, if you do some Googling, you should find a lot of programs that allow you to recover password from Word file. And we will help you discover how in the section below.

Method 1: Word Password Recovery Master

Word Password Recovery Master is one of the best free tools for recovering your Word password. Indeed, the tool can crack a password-protected Word file in no time and all it takes is a few simple clicks. To do this, Recovery Master sends your files to its server and then analyzes all possible passwords. The best part is that the process is very quick.


Recovery Master has a simple user interface that includes everything you expect from a Word password recovery tool. All you need to do is to download and install the tool from here and let it do rest of work. The coolest part is that you can recover multiple Word passwords at the same time.


Word Password Recovery Master


However, it has its own problems. One such problem is that it lacks support for modern Word versions. In reality, Recovery Master works best on Word 2007 or older. Plus, Windows 10 is slow in installing the tool, which hints that the tool is not fully supported in a modern Windows version.


In short, Word Password Recovery Master is a good Word password recovery tool for those who still stick with older Office versions. The tool is super-fast and free, which is ideal for recovering a Word document with simple password.

Method 2: Recover Forgotten Password from Word Using Dr.Word

If the above tool does not meet your needs, then try Dr. Word. Indeed, this is an advanced password recovery tool that cracks all types of passwords and security protections. Dr. Word uses three different attack modes including Brute-force Attack, Dictionary Attack, and Brute-force with Mask Attack, which guarantees up to 90% success rate in recovering Word password.


win version


Windows Version

Step 1:Get Dr.Word Running on a Computer

First off, you need to download and install the Word password recovery tool. After that, launch it on your computer and then select "Recover Open Password from Word".


Word Password Recovery

Step 2:Import Word Doc and Select Recovery Engine

Click "Add File", then select the Word file you want to crack the password for and select the Attack mode. Below is a screenshot for Brute-force with Mask attack.


Word Password Recovery Config


Step 3:Start Recovering Word Password

Once you are done, hit the "Start" button and the tool will start recovering the security code on your file. After recovery, the password will be displayed in a new window, from where you can copy it and use it to unlock your Word file.


Word Password Recovery Success


One major downside is that the free trial does not include full features, meaning that you need to spend some extra money. Besides, the free version lacks support for multiple-password recovery mode.


In short, Dr. Word is the number one recommendation when it comes to recovering Word password, as it is fast, cheap, and supports modern Office versions. Removing permissions passwords for multiple files is also extremely simple, and you can do it instantly for as many files at a time as you need to.


win version


Windows Version


Method 3: Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard (Free)

Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard is another free tool that recovers all types of passwords in a blink of an eye. The tool not only cracks your Word password, but it also removes protection on an Excel file. The best part is that the tool includes different attack modes that help to crack your Word password without damaging your personal data. However, one major drawback is that it only works with an older Office version, which is a little bit disappointing.


Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard


In short, Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard is a good option for recovering Word and Excel passwords, as it is fast and free. However, it mainly targets users who stick with Word 2007 or older. So, if you are in the market for a cool tool that supports modern Word versions, then you are out of luck.


The Bottom Line

Forgetting your Word password is no longer a major concern as you can easily recover or remove it. All the tools listed above are the best options you can find right now on the market. You need to check the Word version first before selecting the options mentioned above. However, if you have got another tool, then let us know.


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