How to Reset/Remove MSI Laptop Password Windows 10/8/7

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MSI is famous brand for making motherboards, graphic cards, desktop computers and computer peripherals. Basically, if you are on a budget then MSI laptop is the best choice for most of people. Usually, MSI laptops are usually based on Windows operating system with all features as Microsoft ships. However, even MSI laptops lacks the ability to reset Windows password if your forgot it.


So what happens when forgetting the password of MSI laptops? Well, obviously you won't be able to enter into the computer and excessive number of tries could get the laptop completely locked. But instead of throwing out it in a dustbin or make any unnecessary rash decisions that might cause uttermost regret, let's check out how to reset MSI laptop passwords in some effective ways.


Method 1: How to Remove MSI Laptop Password with Reset Disk

Method 2: How to Reset MSI Laptop Password via CMD

Method 3: How to Unlock MSI Laptop from Guest Account


Method 1: How to Remove MSI Laptop Password with Reset Disk (Windows 10/8/7)

The easiest and most adoptable way to reset Windows computer password is to completely remove it from the PC by using a Windows password reset tool like Windows Password Recovery. It is an award-winning and well-known password remover that totally erases the password from computer even if you can't remember it correctly. It works independently and allows you to create a password reset disk of your own with a thumb drive or compact disc.


It has the ability to remove all kinds of computer passwords such as PIN, picture, Microsoft and text passwords. It is perfectly compatible with all Windows versions such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and all the other older Windows versions. However, you will need access to a working unlocked computer and thumb drive. That's all you need to reset password of your MSI laptop.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Step 1: Get Another Computer and Install Windows Password Recovery

Install this Windows password recovery program on another working computer and launch the software after finishing with installation.


Windows Password Recovery start up

Step 2:Make Password Reset Disk with USB

Next, insert a USB thumb drive on your PC and choose "Burn USB" from the home screen to create password reset disk, which is working utility to remove Windows login password. A pop up message will appear after the password reset disk is successfully made and now you can plug out the thumb drive from the PC.


burn iso to usb

Step 3: Boot from Password Reset Disk and Remove Windows Login Password

Now, turn on the locked computer and insert the thumb drive. Next, change boot order in BIOS setting to let the laptop booting from external USB at the first palce. The software will be loaded on the display screen and from here everything is pretty much self-explanatory. First, choose the operating system version, next, select the username of your PC and finally, click on "Reset Password" to completely remove the password from your system.


reset windows password


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version


Method 2: How to Reset MSI Laptop Password via Command Prompt

MSI laptop supports the advanced version command prompt app which makes it easier to reset the password without any problem. Simply follow the below steps and your computer password should be modified without any problem.


Step 1: Insert the Windows operating system disc on your locked computer and turn on your system normally.


Step 2: On the logon screen, press the Shift button five to six times in a row to launch the command prompt app.


Step 3: Type in the following command to change the password of your PC: net user user_name new_password


Step 4: Simply replace the "NewPassword" with any text of your choice that you wish to be the new password of your computer. Finally, press enter to execute the command and voila! You can now use this new password to enter into your PC again.


password reset via cmd


Method 3: How to Unlock MSI Laptop from Guest Account

MSI laptop comes with pre-created guest account to be used to reset the password of main user account. In short, you will need to get access to your computer via guest account and then simply change the password of your original user account by implementing the following trick


Step 1: Turn on your PC and login using the guest account.


Step 2: Right-click on "My Computer" and click on "Manage".


Step 3: Choose "Local Users & Groups" then open the "Users" folder.


Step 4: Right-click on the main user profile and click on "Set Password". Enter a new password for your PC and finally save it. Done! Restart your PC and type in the newly created password to access your PC like before.


guest account set password


In this article, we have shown how to use Windows password recovery tool, command prompt and guest accounts to manipulate the password of your original user ID. Obviously command prompt and guest account method might not work depending on the situation of your PC. However, it is guaranteed that Windows Password Recovery will securely remove the password from your PC with easement. It has already helped countless customers to reset their laptop passwords and it is certain that it will work with you as well. Go ahead and give it a shot, we are pretty sure you won't regret it.



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