How to Reset/Bypass Lenovo Laptop Password on Windows 7/8/10

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Lenovo makes some of the best laptops around the world at cheapest price that cannot be comparable with other brand laptops. Lenovo laptop has been featured in countless occasions highlighting the high specification offered by the company. One of the top priority of Lenovo laptops is to provide highest security to maintain your privacy. Hence, it comes with in-built password encrypted application to protect your computer. Moreover, in higher pfofile computers, it also offers touch print and retina scan encryption system to make sure no stranger can gain access to your computer.


But the real hallucination of horror begins when you discover that you forgot your own Laptop password. Firstly, there is nothing to be embarrassed about if you forgot your laptop password. It happens to almost everyone who uses electronic devices. Fortunately, forgetting your laptop password is not the end of your computer. There are a few tricks that can be used to recover your Lenovo laptop password that we will discuss in this article. So, let's hop in and get started with the tutorials.


Method 1: Recover Lenovo Laptop Password with Super Administrator Account

Method 2: How to Reset Lenovo Passoword via Windows Password Recovery

Method 3:How to Unlock Lenovo Laptop Password using Trinity Rescue Kit


Method 1: Recover Lenovo Laptop Password with Super Administrator Account

If you have setup Super Administrator Account (SAA) on your laptop before getting locked out then the resetting process is pretty simple. SAA is basically a super administrator account which has all the administrator privileges that could help to reset the password of your laptop. Here's how to do that.


Step 1: Login to your computer using the Super Administrator account.


Step 2: Right-click on "My Computer" and select "Manage" to open the Computer management.


Step 3: From left sidebar, click on "Users and Local Groups" and then select your username and click on "Set Password".


Step 4: Input a new password and restart your computer. Now, Use the new password to enter into your laptop and that should do the trick.


enable super admin account on windows 7



The problem is that this method is only working on certain types of Windows computer. So please try it first. If it doesn't work, then don't worry, you still have other options to recover the password.


Method 2: How to Reset Lenovo Passoword via Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery is an astounding Windows password recovery program that helps to reset and bypass login passwords in just a matter of seconds. It is very easy to use and not at all complex like TRK or other password reset tool. You do not require access to a Super Administrator account or other user accounts to make this program work. It works flawless on Lenovo laptops and we will share how to use this program to unlock your computer. It is supported in over 200 brands and works on all kind of drives including SATA, IDE, etc.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Step 1: Find Another Computer and Install Windows Password Recovery

Download Windows Password Recovery on a separate computer and install the program by reading the setup instruction. Launch the program and insert a USB flash drive to make a password reset bootable disk.


Windows Password Recovery start up

Step 2: Create Password Reset Disk with USB or CD/DVD

Click on "Burn USB" to transfer all necessary files on to the USB flash drive and when it is done, you will be able to see a pop up message that will say "Burning Successfully". Eject the flash drive and insert it on the locked computer and turn on the PC to start resetting your laptop password.


burn iso to usb

Step 3: Restart Lenovo Laptop and Make it Booting from External USB/CD/DVD

If you didn't make any change, then the Lenovo laptop will still boot from the default hard drive with a login screen. You can't do anything in there. To make the password reset disk to work, then you have to set the bootable device to USB or CD/DVD during starup. It can be changed during quick boot menu or in BIOS settings.


bios settings for boot priority


Step 4: Reset Dell Computer User/Admin Account Password on Windows 10/8/7

program will be automatically loaded on the startup screen since it's a bootable disk. From here, you will only have to enter the operating system you are using and the username that is currently locked.


reset windows password


Click on "Reset Password" and let the program remove the password from the login screen completely. Reboot the computer and you should be able to access your computer normally now.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version


Method 3: How to Unlock Lenovo Laptop Password by Using Trinity Rescue Kit

Trinity Rescue Kit is an amazing password recovery tool based on text based commands. It allows you to reset password of any Windows computer and works in Lenovo laptops as well. Simply, follow these instruction to reset your laptop password..


Step 1: Download the free ISO image files from the official TRK website and save it on your computer.


Step 2: Burn the ISO image files on a CD/DVD or a USB flash drive and make a password reset bootable disk.


Step 3: Boot your computer with the bootable disk and TRK program should launch automatically on the startup screen. Scroll down and select "Windows Password Resetting" option and press Enter.


trinity rescue kit


Step 4: Choose "Winpass prompts for username first" option and TRK will ask to enter the administrator username. Type the username and press Enter.


Step 5: Select the username and choose "Clear Password" to remove the password from your laptop. Now, turn on your laptop and it should turn up normally without entering any password.



Windows Password Recovery is well-known software for resetting and bypassing login password in all types of Windows computers. It works seamlessly on Windows 10/8/7 and other older versions without any failure rate at all. It is assured that your password will be reset, no matter how strong password is used to encrypt your password. It has never failed to disappoint when it comes to resetting Windows computers. Make sure to set up a new password as soon you gain access to your computer to avoid any strange intrusion.



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