How to Use Windows Password Recovery

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To be honestly, Windows Password Recovery is a quite simple program to reset login password on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. It has all the functions to complete the task with a clean user interface. However, in case you would come across unexpected questions about the program, this page will list all the steps and details on how to use Windows Password Recovery.


Key steps for resetting Windows password:

Step 1. Download and Install Windows Password Reset

Step 2. Register Windows Password Recovery

Step 3. Create a Windows Password Reset Disk

Step 4. Set the Locked Computer to Boot from CD/DVD-ROM or USB Drive

Step 5. Reset Windows Password

User Guide: How to User Windows Password Recovery

Step 1: Download Windows Password Recovery and Install it on Computer

You should find another computer you can use temporally to make the password reset disk. You can't do anything with the locked computer. The first step is to download the program on a Windows computer by clicking the Download button in below. Then double-click on it to install the program on that computer.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version


Step 2: Register Windows Password Recovery

After purchase with Share-it, you will receive a confirmation email, which contacts the license code to activate Windows Password Recovery. Now, click "Register" button on Windows Password Recovery. Then input the right Email and license code. If it was done correctly, a pop up messages will tell you the program was registered successfully.


Tip: if you have problem in activating the program, please uninstall the program and restart the computer. Then reinstall and activate Windows Password Recovery.


Windows Password Recovery start up



Step 3: Create a Password Reset Disk

In this step, we are going to create a password-reset disk with USB or CD/DVD. This disk is the actual program to help you reset the password. You can make it with a USB flash drive or CD/DVD. Please backup the data on the disk before burning files to it.


Now, insert the disk into the working computer and select the burning option from Windows Password Recovery. Usually, the program will detect the disk automatically. Just select the right drive name from drop-down list. The program will format the drive and burn all necessary files to the disk.


burn iso to usb



Step 4: Set the Locked Computer to Boot from CD/DVD-ROM or USB

Take out of the disk from working computer and insert it into the locked computer. To make the disk into effect, you should let the locked computer boot from it. You can do it in BIOS settings.


At this time, please power on the locked computer and press special key such as Esc/Enter/F2/F10/F12 to enter into BIOS or fast boot settings. On there, please set the first boot device to USB or CD/DVD. Save the settings and reboot the computer.


computer bios settings



Step 5: Reset Windows Password

When the locked computer boots from password reset disk, Windows Password Recovery will be loaded on screen in a minute. You can see all the user accounts from the main screen. Please select an use account and click "Reset Password" button to remove the password from it.


After reset, please reboot the computer. For now, the computer will directly go to the desktop and no password being asked during the startup. You can now add a new password for selected account.


reset windows password



The tutorial seems a bit complicated at the first glance. Actually, it would be in just a few minutes with a several mouse clicks. There is no easy solution than this one currently on the market. Please shot us an Email to if you still have questions in using Windows Password Recovery. We will answer your question within the next 24 hours.



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