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Ophcrack is one of the most versatile password recovery utilities for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. What's more, it added support for Windows 10 a couple of months ago. It has been available for several years, and is highly effective because it uses rainbow tables instead of a brute force attack in order to crack password hashes. That makes the recovery process simpler because the hashing function can be bypassed, making it a purely search-and-compare exercise to identify the correct hash. As a matter of fact, even if the text is not the correct password, Windows will authenticate the login because the hash is correct. This article explains the processing of using a password recovery USB with Ophcrack, and also how to use rainbow tables.

How to Use Ophcrack USB for Windows Password Recovery

Since we are using Ophcrack for Windows password recovery, you will need to be able to boot your computer from a disk or drive containing the program. Once that's done, your PC will boot directly into the software, which in turn will utilize the included rainbow tables to crack the password hash, ultimately giving you access to a previously locked account.


The process of creating and using a bootable USB flash drive with Ophcrack is described below:


Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to download Ophcrack LiveCD. This version of the software is bootable, which is what you require in order to unlock a computer when the password is forgotten. The LiveCD version also contains the rainbow tables needed to crack the password hash for that account. If you're locked out of your PC, the best way to do this is to download Ophcrack LiveCD on a different computer to create the bootable media.


Step 2: Once you have downloaded the application, burn it to a USB drive using ImgBurn or FreeISOBurner. This will now create a bootable USB containing the Ophcrack program. Insert this USB stick into the locked computer.


Step 3: Once the USB is inserted, start your PC and wait for it to boot from the new media. This is a critical step because it needs to bypass the normal startup, which is done from the files already installed in your hard drive.


Ophcrack Password Recovery


Step 4: If you have done it correctly, you should now see the Ophcrack LiveCD menu on your screen. You can simply let the countdown timer run out and start the program, or you can hit Enter to launch Ophcrack Graphic Mode.


Step 5: There's nothing to do for now, but you'll see a lot of text running down your screen. Subsequently, the SliTaz operating system will load and then the Ophcrack LiveCD program will load right after that. You will also see the program identify the drive partition on which your password hash is stored.


Ophcrack Password Recovery for Windows 10


Step 6: The next step is to wait for your password to be recovered. You will now see the actual Ophcrack interface, where the user accounts and thier corresponding hashes will be displayed. In the section below, you'll see the progress of the rainbow table being used.


Step 7: Once your password has been cracked, it will be displayed in the NT Password column of the table on top. Just note it down, remove the USB drive and restart your PC. You should be able to access the locked account with this password.

How to Use Rainbow Tables in Ophcrack

Ophcrack comes with default rainbow tables that can be used to crack most passwords. However, you can also purchase additional tables and add them to the Ophcrack LiveCD application after creating the bootable media. Once the bootable media has been created on the second computer, create a directory called "tables" in the root of your USB. You can do this from File Explorer. Once you have created it, just put each set of rainbow tables into their own directories. The name doesn't matter, so you can just name them as table 1, table 2 and so on. It should look something like this:


tables\table 1
tables\table 2


Ophcrack Rainbow Tables



When Ophcrack loads on the locked PC, it will automatically look for rainbow tables in all the storage locations, including the USB that the program itself is loaded on. You'll be able to see the different tables in the Ophcrack software window during the cracking process.


Rainbow tables were created by the same person who wrote the Ophcrack application, so you may not be able to use tables generated by other programs. For example, RainbowCrack is a rainbow table generator, but the format of the files is not compatible with Ophcrack. This is important because you don't want to buy rainbow tables that can't work with Ophcrack.


Ophcrack Alternative

For strong password (6 digits and more), it is very hard to crack the password with rainbow tables that comes with Ophcrack. It could take days or weeks to finally get the correct password but people can't wait such a long time in most cases. They need to unlock the computer in short period of time. If that was the case, then Windows Password Recovery is the ideal tool for resetting password on Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.


The biggest reason is that the password can be removed almost instantly no matter how weak or strong the password is. So you can regain access to the computer in a few minutes. So it is the best alternative to Ophcrack for breaking Windows login password. You can find the online tutorial from this post.


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