How to Reset Gigabyte Laptop or PC Password on Windows 10/8/7

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Gigabyte has launched a serie of laptops in this year. As we know, Gigabyte laptop has been really reliable and the price is very affordable. One of the best features available on Gigabyte laptop is that it has in-built security features to protect your computer. Password-protecting computers is essential considering the increasing hacking attempts every day.


The easiest way to protect your computer is to put a lock screen password so that no one can access your laptop without entering the correct password set by you. Now, people are using more and more secure passwords these days which are extremely difficult to remember and as a result most people end up forgetting their password more frequently than we can imagine. Certainly, you can use your password reset disk to reset the password but it is pretty assumable that no one creates password reset disks these days. But never fear, in this tutorial, we will show how to reset Gigabyte laptop passwords and regain access to your computer effortlessly.


Method 1: Reset Gigabyte Laptop Password by Reinstallation

Method 2: Reset Gigabyte Laptop Password with Windows Password Recovery Tool


Method 1: Reset Gigabyte Laptop Password by Reinstallation

Gigabyte laptop provides Windows 7 installation disc with its kit in default, so it is the time to use that disc to re-install Windows 7 again to get rid of that lock screen. Granted that all the data on your primary disk will be wiped out but at the same time, the password will be erased from your laptop too. Here's how to re-install Windows 7 on your Gigabyte laptop:


Warning: This method is not recommended if there was important data on the computer. Method 2 is more secure.


Step 1: Insert the Windows 7 installation disc on your laptop and reboot it. Please note that you can even use any other Windows version and apply the same steps.


Step 2: On Gigabyte laptops, press F4 to activate the boot menu on the startup screen. This function key varies from laptops to laptops, so make sure which function key to press on your particular model.


Step 3: Select the installation disc from the given list and press Enter to continue.


Step 4: Windows will load its files automatically and a new installation window will appear on the home screen. Click on "Install Now" and follow through the instruction.


Step 5 : It will take several minutes to install Windows 7 on your laptop and your system will be rebooted several times during the process. You should keep your laptop alone unless and until the installation process is finished successfully. Once the installation is completed, your laptop will be unlocked and you may now access your system without any password.


reinstall windows 7


Method 2: Reset Gigabyte Laptop Password with Windows Password Recovery Tool

What if we told you that there was an easy way to bypass Windows login password without losing any data at all? Sounds unrealistic, right? Well, it is certainly possible to reset Gigabyte or any other Windows laptop or computer password without formatting the computer by taking help from a Windows Password Recovery software.


As far we know, Windows Password Recovery is the most effective and reliable tool to erase Windows login password from the computer without even deleting a single data on your laptop. It helps to create a password reset disk using your USB thumb drive or CD/DVD which you can further use to unlock the laptop. It can reset all types of account passwords like administrator, Microsoft, root and domain users as well as it can erase any kind of passwords like text, PIN and picture.


win version


Windows Version

Step 1: Install and Run Windows Password Recovery

It is an incredibly easy to use program that simply requires 3 simple steps to unlock any Windows system password. Install UUkeys program on any working computer as your computer is currently locked. The installation procedure is pretty basic and typically requires few seconds to finish.


Windows Password Mate start up

Step 2: Burn Password Reset with USB Stick

Insert a USB drive or CD/DVD to PC and launch the program. Click on "Burn USB" to write the ISO image file on your thumb drive and make a bootable password reset disk.


burn iso to usb

Step 3: Edit Boot Order on Locked Computer

If you didn't make any change, the locked computer will boot from hard drive in default. This won't do any help to reset the password. You need to set the computer booting from external USB or CD/DVD. So the disk we just made will take into effect. You can change the boot order via BIOS settings or boot menu.


bios settings for boot priority


Step 4: Unlock Asus Laptop with Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista

Take out the flash drive and re-insert it on your locked Gigabyte laptop. Now reboot the laptop and wait for the password recovery tool to launch on the home screen. Now, simply select Windows version of your laptop and the username linked to your system. Next, click on "Reset Password" to remove the password from the laptop and reboot it again to access it normally.


reset windows password



In the future, make sure to create a password reset disk for your computer or laptop so that you can easily reset it whenever you forget your laptop password. But even if you forgot the password and don't want to format your PC then simply use Windows Password Recovery to destroy the password from the computer without re-installing the operating system. Millions of users have downloaded this program and reviewed it as the best Windows password recovery tool. It is assured that it can even help you to reset Windows server password too.


win version


Windows Version


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