How to Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 For Free in 2019

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A lot of users worldwide are using Windows 7 and some of them are wondering it is still free to upgrade to Windows 10? As it's been a while since Microsoft stopped offering free upgrades to Windows 10, but there have been several loopholes created by the company itself to encourage uses upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 even after the free upgrade period was reportedly closed. Here, we'll show you a few ways to upgrade to Windows 10 for free in 2019.


Free Upgrade to Windows 10 Option 1: Activate Using Old Windows 7 Key

Free Upgrade to Windows 10 Option 2: Install Windows 10 on New SSD/HDD

Free Upgrade to Windows 10 Option 3: Other Alternatives

Free Upgrade to Windows 10 Option 1: Activate Using Old Windows 7 Key

A Windows 10 license can be activated if it's being upgraded from a previously licensed version. However, upgrade activation might not work because of the status of the license on Microsoft's server. To go around this, you can try doing a clean install of Windows 10, followed by activating Windows 10 using the old Windows 7 license key.


Step 1: Write down the license key on Windows 7 computer and take a backup of personal files in system drive..


Step 2: Download the Windows 10 ISO file from Microsoft's servers. You'll need to download and run the Media Creation Tool as well, but when it asks you for the purpose of the download, make sure you choose installation on a different computer as well as the ISO option so you can download it directly without having to create bootable media. You can choose to create it with Media Creation tool, but several errors have been reported while doing this, so we recommend using a third-party freeware application instead.


Note: Make sure download the same version of Windows 10 as the same as Windows 7. For example, if Windows 7 is the Home edition, you have to download the Home version of Windows 10.


Download Windows 10 ISO


Step 3: Create the bootable media for the installation using a free utility like UUByte ISO Editor or ImgBurn. Remember that burning an ISO file to a USB drive or a DVD/CD is not as easy as copy-pasting the file. The bootable information needs to remain intact so your PC can boot from the media once you create it.


Step 4: Insert the bootable Windows 10 disk or drive into the PC in question and change the boot order so it doesn't boot from the OS that's already present on the system. From there on, just follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows 10.


Step 5: Once the clean install is done, you can use the old activation key to activate this copy of Windows 10.


Activate Windows 10 with Old Product Key


Free Upgrade to Windows 10 Option 2: Install Windows 10 on New SSD/HDD

Another way to get Windows 10 for free is to switch the hardware for a new drive and then install Windows 10 on that drive. This is a great if you are planning to add new SSD to current computer or build a new machine. This part is ideal for those users who wish a free upgrade instead of buying a new license for new hardware.


It's similar to the process above, but you'll need the technical know-how to upgrade your hard drive to an SSD or other option. What you're doing here is a clean install of Windows 10, but you're using the existing Windows 10 key on the other drive to activate the new Windows 10 copy.


Install Windows 10 on New SSD


Step 1: Instead of installing Windows 10 on the existing drive, you will need to first upgrade the hardware to a new SSD/HDD. This might be harder to do on a laptop, but in a desktop PC it's relatively simple.


Step 2: Once the hardware is upgraded, do a clean install of Windows 10 as shown in steps in Method 1.


Step 3: Use the old license key to activate Windows 10 on the new SSD. This method only works with certain types of licenses; it won't work on a Home version, for example.


Tip: While using these methods to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, you may want the help of a "keyfinder" app. It's basically an application that will go in and retrieve your current product key and can be useful if the sticker containing the key is not available and you don't know how to get it through the front end interface.

Free Upgrade to Windows 10 Option 3: Other Alternatives

If you can't get the old product key to convert your free clean installation into a registered product, you can also consider upgrading without activation. You'll lose some of the features and get constant alerts to activate the license, but you can pretty much use all but a few key functionalities with non-activated Windows 10. Besides, nobody really knows if there's a time limit on using a non-activated version, but no such case of sudden termination of access or functionality has been reported even several years after Windows 10 was first released.


Windows 10 Activation Watermark



From the above facts, we can say it is still available to make a free upgrade to Windows 10 in 2019. You can upgrade to Windows 10 for free whether you want an activated or non-activated version of Windows 10. The best way to go about it is to do a clean install before you either re-activate the license or proceed to use it deactivated.



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