Best Windows 10 Password Recovery Tool Reviewed in 2019

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Forgot Windows 10 password? What's the best way to recover the password? In general, Windows 10 password recovery tool is the real solution to this problem. It is not hard to find a Windows 10 password recovery software. But you don't have the time to test them out one by one. Actually, some of the top ranked result from search engine don't work on latest Windows 10 such as Ophcrack. That's why we make a valid list to reduce the researching time. The software mentioned below are able to help you recover or remove forgotten password from Windows 10.

PassGeeker for Windows - The Fastest Windows 10 Password Recovery Tool

PassGeeker for Windows is a fantastic application for Windows password recovery and is used by millions of users worldwide. It is a highly reliable utility and can unlock any admin or user account, and can be a real lifesaver when you forget your password and don't want to lose data by doing a renstallation of Windows or resetting everything to the factory state. Most importantly, you don't have to wait for hours till the password beig cracked. Instead, the password will be removed instantly.


LabWin is by far one of the best tools for Windows password recovery because it can not only reset passwords for normal user accounts, but also for admin accounts. It allows you to create a bootable password reset disk with an USB and use it to remove password from Windows accounts. Another great benefit is that the user interface is straightforward and you can see the intructions directly from the screen.


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Windows Version
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Step 1: On a different PC or laptop, login to an admin account. Download PassGeeker for Windows and install the application. Now insert the media (USB or DVD) and launch the application. Click on the Burn option next to the storage device after the software detects it.


Windows Password Recovery start up


Step 2: Your password reset disk is ready. Now remove it from the other PC an insert it into your locked machine. To boot from the disk, restart the computer and press the F2 or other special key to take you to the BIOS menu. Change the boot priority, save and exit.


Step 3: The computer will boot into PassGeeker for Windows, where you can choose the Windows version and the locked user account. Click Reset Password and the password for the chosen account will be immediately blanked. Remove the media and restart normally. No password will be required to access the previously locked account.


reset windows password


If you don't have any experience with password recovery, this is the best tool for you. It doesn't need any technical expertise, there are no complex settings to fuss around with and you won't need any additional tools like ISO burning software, etc. The WinGeeker software is fully self-contained and has everything you need to unlock any Windows account.

Ophcrack - Free Windows 10 Password Recovery Tool with Rainbow Tables

If you're a Linux user or if you're comfortable with command line utilities, then this is another option to consider. Ophcrack has been around for a while and is a highly regarded open-source utility. Even though it involves some complex processes, Ophcrack does all the hard work. The only thing you need to do is create bootable media using the software, and then use that to recover local passwords in Windows.


Step 1: Depending on your Windows version, download the correct Ophcrack LiveCD utility. If your PC is locked, do this on a second computer, but make sure you download the version that matches your locked PC, not the second one.


Step 2: Use an ISO burning utility to burn the LiveCD ISO to USB. Now remove the bootable media, insert it into the locked PC and restart. The computer should automatically boot from the bootable Ophcrack LiveCD. Once you see the menu, either hit Enter or wait for the countdown timer to reach zero to launch Ophcrack in automatic mode.


ophcrack windows 10 password recovery


Step 3: There's nothing for the user to do in this step. The software will identify the drive partition with the password hashes (encrypted passwords) and begin the password recovery process.


Step 4: Once recovered, the password will appear in a table with other user accounts. To see the password, look under the NT Pwd column against your locked user account. Note it down. Remove the Ophcrack disk and restart the computer. You should now be able to use the recovered password to gain access to the locked account.


This process is a little more tedious because it recovers the password instead of resetting it to blank. However, Ophcrack is touted to be one of the most reliable password cracking applications around. In case it doesn't work for you, it's possible that you're trying to unlock a Windows 10 computer. Ophcrack doesn't always work on anything higher than Windows 7. If that's the case, there's another option for you to try.

LCP - Windows 10 Password Recovery and Auditing Software If Forgotten

LCP, or Link Control Protocol, is a password audit tool that can be used to crack passwords in Windows. It utilizes powerful brute force and hybrid attack algorithms to recover almost any password no matter how complex or how long it is. It works by importing the password hashes and then cracking them with multiple attack types. It takes a while for passwords to be recovered since the software has to attempt numerous combinations before the correct password can be found.


Step 1: Download the LCP .zip file, unpack it with an archive utility and install the program.


Step 2: When you launch LCP, the first step is to import the hashes. The software can import from various locations such as your local computer or even a remote one that's part of the same network. Once imported, a table will be displayed showing the status of all accounts and passwords. If the NT Password column for a particular user is blank, that means it has a password that can be recovered.


LCP Windows Password Recovery


Step 3: Now you can choose the attack method: brute force, dictionary or hybrid. Hybrid is usually the best option since it offers a balance of wide coverage with a shorter recovery time. Brute force takes much longer but is more thorough, while Dictionary requires a pre-compiled word list, or several of them.


Step 4: Click the Start button to begin the cracking process. When the password has been recovered, you will see it in the NT Password column against the corresponding user account. Note it down.


Step 5: Exit the program, restart your computer and use the recovered password to access the locked account.



All of these are great Windows 10 password recovery vailable in 2019, but the choice depends on your level of expertise in password recovery. If you have no experience, it's better to use a trusted third-party utility that does all the heavy lifting for you. That way, you're sure that nothing can go wrong and you won't change any critical settings on your PC. As such, PassGeeker for Windows is possibly the most reliable as well as the quickest for recovering Windows 10 password.


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