Forgot iTunes or iPhone Backup Password, How to Recover Password

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iTunes is best tool to backup iPhone, iPad or iPod content on a PC or Mac. For sure, the iPhone backup file is a valuable piece of data that contains personal information from the iOS device. There are essentially two types of iPhone backup that you can create. The first is an iTunes backup, which you take on your computer using the Apple iTunes desktop application; the second is an iCloud backup, which you can directly take from your device using an Internet connection. These backup files can be secured with a password that encrypts them. But how do you access them if you lost the password? Here are two ways to recover an iPhone backup password depending on the type of backup.

Forgot iPhone Backup Password - The Best Way to Recover the Password

The only way to recover password from iTunes backup is to crack it. No other way exists! No backup for the password in default. For such case, it is better to use a purpose-built password recovery utility. There are several of them available to download, and they typically work the same way. Using a combination of various attack types like Brute Force and Brute Force with Mask, they help recover your password even if it's very complex or long. The better ones will have a high success rate and additional features like hardware acceleration, where your CPU cores and graphics card (GPU) are used to speed up the password recovery process.


Most iTunes backup password recovery software applications are similar in terms of usage. To illustrate the details, we will take UUkyes iTunes Backup Unlocker as an example. The steps are described below. The process may differ slightly from software to software, but it should be something like this.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Step 1: Install iPhone Backup Unlocker and Import iTunes Backup File

Download and install the application, and launch the program on your desktop or Mac. In the software, import the encrypted backup file. In certain software applications, the files will be automatically detected and listed, so just select the one you want to unlock.


Add iPhone Backup File

Step 2:Configure Password Recovery Parameters

Select the type of password attack and set the required parameters. For example, if you choose Brute Force with Mask, you will need to input any parameters or attributes that you can remember about the password, such as length, specific characters used, affixes and so on. Some applications offer a Dictionary method of attack, which requires preloaded word lists.


Password Unlocking Settings


Step 3: Start Cracking iPhone Backup Password

Once you set all the parameters, you can proceed with the cracking process. This may take a few hours to several days, so it is better that you run the program when you're not using the computer. Some software apps will even let you save your progress in case there's an interruption.


Backup Password Recovered

The software applications described here will help you get past your password if this is an iTunes backup. If you backed up your device directly to iCloud, the method is different, as described in the next section.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Forgot iPhone Backup Password Made via iCloud? Here is the Fix

An iCloud backup file is encrypted similar to an iTunes backup file, but it does not have a separate password. The password that you use for iCloud is the same one that encrypts and secures your files. In other words, all iCloud backup files are encrypted by default, unlike iTunes backups, where encryption is optional. That means, if you can't access the file, you have forgotten your iCloud password. You can easily reset that using the following steps:


Step 1: Go to on any browser, even on your iPhone.


Step 2: Enter your Apple ID, which is the same one you use for iCloud, iTunes and the App Store. Click on Continue.


Step 3: Select the radio button next to I Need to Reset My Password and click on Continue again.


Step 4: Choose between recovering your password via email or by answering the secret question you originally set, and click Continue again.


Step 5: Either in your email inbox or after you answer the questions correctly; you'll see an option to set a new password. Enter it twice and click on Reset Password. This password can now be used to access your iCloud account where your iPhone backup is stored.


Apple ID Password Recovery


These two methods show you how to get past an iPhone backup password you never set. The best option for Method 1 is UUkeys iTunes Backup Unlocker. It doesn't require any technical expertise, which makes it stand out of the crowd of open source tools that often require expert-level knowledge about password hashing and cracking methods.


There's no command line work involved here, and even a new user can easily navigate the software and unlock their iTunes backup password in no time. In addition, it lets you leverage your hardware to speed up the process. If your password is relatively simple, it will only take a few minutes to retrieve it. Moreover, the software has an impressive success rate of 85% no matter what the length or complexity of your password. As such, it is a highly recommended tool to recover your iPhone backup password if you took the backup using your computer and iTunes.



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