How to Free Download Windows 10 ISO Using Rufus Tool

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The Microsof recommended method to download Windows 10 ISO is through Media Creation Tool. There are also many other third party websites who host Windows 10 ISO files on multiple servers across various locations. However, most of these can not be guaranteed for authenticity. There are only a few sources that you can trust to get a genuine free copy of the Windows 10 ISO, and Rufus is one of the most popular ones.

A Brief Introduction to Rufus

Rufus is a free, lightweight and user-friendly tool that helps format as well as create bootable USB flash drives from USB keys, memory sticks and so on. It burns ISO to USB to create a bootable flash drive that allows you to install Windows 10 on your computer. This tool actually does the job faster than the official Media Creation Tool. In addition, Rufus has an intuitive interface, is available in multiple languages and is frequently updated. It also allows the user to create a bootable USB drive with previous Windows versions.




Where Can You Get Windows 10 ISO File?

Originally, Rufus is the tool for formatting USB drives and make bootable USB from MS-DOS. Later, it adds support for multiple ISO images, including Windows, Linux and Unix. Since the version 3.5, Rufus is able to download Windows 10 and Windows 8 ISO files from the Microsoft servers and prepares for the bootable flash drive. The feature is not wholly integrated into Rufus.


What happens is that Rufus downloads a script called Fido, and this does the actual downloading of the ISO files. It may be completely integrated in the near future; version 3.6 is already available on their website. Of course, without this feature, you would need to manually download the Windows 10 ISO files from the Microsoft site.

How to Use Rufus to Download Windows 10 ISO Disc Image

Step 1: Connect an USB drive (8G+) to a Windows computer and go to the Rufus website. Without the USB drive connected to the computer, the download will not take place.


Step 2: Under the Download section, click Rufus name to download the latest version from the website.


Step 3: Double click the .exe file to run Rufus. Choose the USB drive you will use for creating the installation media from the drop-down menu in the Device tab.


Step 4: From the Boot selection drop-down menu, make sure to choose Disk or ISO image. Click on the Download arrow near the Select button, and click on Download. This downloads the Figo script. Once the download is complete, a dialog box will be displayed.


Rufus Select Windows Version


Step 5: In this box, under the Version tab, select the version of Windows 10 you want to download; you can download the latest version or an earlier version. You can also select which edition of Windows you want – Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, or Windows 10 Education.


Rufus Start Download


Step 6: Click continue and select the language. Select 32 bit or 64 bit operating system architecture.


Step 7: Click on the Download button, and specify a location to store the ISO file, and then click on Save. The screen will close the small window and go back to the main Rufus menu.


Step 8: Downloading ISO using a browser is also possible; all you need to do is select Download using a Browser option.


Step 9: On completion of the download, format the connected USB flash drive by clicking on Start to burn Windows 10 ISO to USB drive. After that, a bootable Windows 10 USB is ready and you can use the USB to install Windows 10 on the same or other PCs.


Sum up

Knowing how to download Windows with Rufus can be a lifesaver when your OS has crashed or you need to install it urgently on another device when you are on the go. Rufus provides several advantages to users. In addition to being a lightweight, free, and easy tool to use, it is also valuable when you have to work on a computer where no operating system is installed. According to the official test, Rufus is the fastest way currently being used to create bootable USB flash drives.



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