How to Easily Crack MS Word Password (Including .doc & .docx)

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Password protection in MS Word is essentially of two types. The first is to allow users to open the file and view the contents, and the second is to allow them to make edits, print copies, and copy content from the file. When the password is lost or forgot the password, you have to find ways or tools to crack word password.


Here, we will talk about three ways to recover the open password, which is also referred to as the user password. The cracking process is sometimes difficult, especially if you don't have the right tools for the job. And that's exactly what we are about to reveal - the right tools that will help you crack a Word document password (Open password.)

Method 1: Crackit! Word Password Recovery (Free)

Crackit! is a lightweight utility that you don't even have to install on your PC to crack a Word password. You can run it right off a USB flash drive. It's convenient to use and it doesn't take very long. The only problem is that it is designed for much older versions of MS Word. It can handle documents created in Word 2003, but any higher than that and it may not have the desired outcome.




To use Crackit!, simply download the zip file and run the .exe file. Once you see the software interface, just click "Browse…" to import the locked Word document, then choose the alphabet in the next box. This is basically choosing which characters should be used in the brute force attack on your document's password. Finally, hit the "Crack It!" button when you're ready. We also advise you to read the readme.txt file before you do that, just to familiarize yourself with the way this utility works. time.

Method 2: Word Password Recovery Master (Free)

This is another old application that only works until MS Word 2003, but it's really fast because it doesn't recover the open password - it removes it. It can recover the edit restrictions password for Word versions until 2003. The only restriction here is that if your document has been protected with a non-standard CSP, or crypto service provider, then the tool can't remove the password. However, if it's merely locked with the default encryption applied by MS Word, then you should be able to at least crack simple passwords.


Word Password Recovery Master


Using Word Password Recovery Master is super-simple. Just install the application, import your Word document, and hit the "Crack" button. In a few seconds, the Open password will be removed. Additionally, if there is a permissions password (edit restrictions password), that will be recovered and displayed in the corresponding field in the software window.


Method 3: Crack Word Password Using Dr.Word (Premium)

People love free software so do we. However, one big issue with free or open source program is that it lacks support and update for new staff. Taking the above suggestions as an example, only lower version of Microsoft Word file is supported. So for higher version like Word 2010, you have to find premium alternatives to crack the password.


From our testing, Dr.Word is one of the best software out there for recovering Word open password and remove editing protection. It supports a wide range of Word versions, from the old Word 2003 to the latest Word 2019. It really worths the money you invest in if the document was important for you. Now follow the steps in below to unlock the file.


win version


Windows Version


Step 1: Install a copy of Dr.Word and you can see two options from the windows when opening it. The first one is to help you recover open password from Word. The second one is to remove edit protection. In this example, click the first option.


Word Password Recovery


Step 2 : From the new window, import password-protected word file to the program, it could be .doc or .docx. Next, choose a password cracking type from the below list. We recommend using Brute-force with Mask Attack if you still had some impression about the password. In there, you can set password length, character range and prefix.


Word Password Recovery Config


Step 3: After saving the settings, the program starts to crack the password automatically. It will follow the standard you just set in previous step to find the correct password. At the end of the process, the password will be displayed on the screen if the software finally recovered the password.


Word Password Recovery Success


The steps are much more simple for removing protection from Word file. Just load the document and click "Start" button. The proection will be removed instantly.


win version


Windows Version

Method 4: How to Crack Word Password Online

If you don't want the hassle of downloading applications or running them on your PC, you can also consider using an online password cracking service such as Password-Find. The online recovery process is usually faster because the service provider's servers will be far more powerful than just your single PC, and you can often expect results in a matter of hours instead of the several days it might take if you're using brute force on a complex password.


In the case of Password-Find, the results are almost instant because it removes the password rather than attempt to recover it. It works really well with Office 2003 files and older versions, but even Office 2019 documents have an 80% chance of having their password removed. The only downside is that the service is not free. You will need to pay $19.95 to remove Open passwords for up to 10 documents. However, if you're in a fix and it's really urgent, this is a good method.


Word Password Recovery Online


Try these three ways to crack Word password and see which one works best for you. There are also a few really good premium tools that you can download and install on your PC for future use. They're a little bit expensive, but if you regularly work with password-protected documents, it is well worth the investment.


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