How to Crack Windows 10/8/7 Admin Password without Reset Disk

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Did you get locked out from your Windows 10/8/7 computer? Can't remember the password? Can't access your computer without entering the password? The internet forums and questions & answers websites are filled with questions like that. Statistics says that over thousands of people forget their passwords every day. So, it is not a surprise that you have forgotten your password today. But the main issue with forgetting your computer password is that you won't be able access any of your important documents and data that you might want to use immediately because the password will prevent you to get into your computer.


Method 1: How to Crack Windows 10/8/7 Password without Reset Disk

Method 2: How to Crack Windows 7 Password Using SAC

Method 3: How to Crack Windows 8 Password from Guest Account


Method 1: How to Crack Windows 10/8/7 Administrator Password without Reset Disk

Cracking Windows login password with password reset disk is the most effetive way to unlock a computer without password. Windows Password Recovery helps to completely destroy the password from your computer by removing it from the login screen. It works with all Windows version, so it doesn't matter which Windows version you are using or how strong password you have used to protect your PC, it can completely resolve this issue within few minutes. It can be used to unlock computers for local and administrator accounts without remembering the password at all. It works with all brands of computer models including Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Asus, etc.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version

Step 1: Install and Run Windows Password Recovery

Since you have no access to your computer, you will have to lend a computer from someone else and install the program in it.


Windows Password Recovery start up

Step 2:Create Password Reset Disk

Use a USB flash drive or CD/DVD to make a bootable disk by clicking on "Burn USB" or "Burn CD/DVD". It may take some time to transfer all necessary files to your portable driver. After the bootable disk is created, take it and insert it on your computer and boot your PC using the USB flash drive.


burn iso to usb

Step 3: Boot from Reset Disk on Locked Windows 10/8/7 Computer

IThe password disk won't be loaded if you forgot changing boot order on the locked computer because the default boot devcie was set to hard drive. So you have to set the first boot device to USB or DVD according to the steps you have done in above. On modern computers, there is a boot menu you can choose from by pressing special key (Enter, Esc, Delete, etc..) during startup. Please do a bit research regarding on this.


bios settings for boot priority


Step 4: Crack Windows Admin Password in Seconds

When the program is shown on the main screen of your locked PC, please perform the following tasks to guarantee a successful password reset: First, elect the Windows operating system version, for instance – Windows 8. Second, from the middle column, choose the user name. Finally, click on "Reset password" and click once in "Reboot". It is done. The password will be completely removed from your PC now.


reset windows password

Method 2: How to Crack Windows 7 Local Password Using SAC

SAC is the short for Super Administrator account is available for all Windows 7 users which can be used to change passwords of any other administrator accounts. It is a hidden features installed by Microsoft especially to reset passwords if forgot by the user. So, here is how to activate this feature on your computer.


Step 1: Turn on your locked PC and wait from the login screen to appear.


Step 2:Keep pressing the Shift key for about 5 times so that the SAC appears on the main screen.


Step 3: Login to your PC using SAC and go to Control panel and click on "User Profiles" and select your username.


Step 4: Finally, modify the password but remember it this time and use it login from your main administrator account.


enable sac account on windows 7


Method 3: How to Crack Windows 8 Password from Guest Account.

If you have multiple users' setup on your computer then changing the password of your main account using the other guest accounts won't be difficult. The sweet thing about guest accounts is that you don't have to enter any password to use them.


Step 1: Turn on your PC and login to your computer from guest account.


Step 2: Right click on "My Computer" and click on "Manage".


Step 3: From Computer Management window, click on "Local Users & Groups" to display all the users attached to that PC.


Step 4: Right click on your user profile and setup a new password. Enter into your PC using the new password and you should be able to access it normally.


change account password



The methods shared in this tutorial will surely help to crack any Windows password but if you are looking for the easiest and most successful way to crack your computer password then it is recommended to use program. Please note, must be used on your own personal computer or other computers by taking proper permission or else if it is used to hack into other systems then it will be offended by law.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version


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