How to Crack Excel Password (VBA, Password Cracker and Online)

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Password encryption in Excel is one of the most basic security elements to protect your personal data, but what if you forget worksheet password in a file you created yourself? Fortunately, there are several ways to crack an Excel password when you don't remember the original one. This article showcases three popular methods used to crack Excel workbook or worksheet passwords.

Method 1: Crack Excel Password Using VBA Script (Worksheet Only)

If you have a little bit of technical expertise, you can try this method. Essentially, you use a Visual Basic script to bypass the password protection on a particular worksheet. This works with most versions of MS Excel, so try this as a first step before you use password recovery software since that is far more time-consuming.


Double-click the Excel file to open it. Next, open the VBA editor using the Alt + F11 key combination. Double-click the locked sheet inside VBA, which should bring up the General Declarations window for that particular worksheet. In the Declarations page, paste the following script:


Crack Excel Password VBA


Once you paste the text into the page, hit F5 to run the macro. You will see a usable password displayed on your screen. Note it down. You can use this to remove the password from Excel file in question by going to the Review tab, clicking on Unprotect Worksheet and enter the password that was displayed earlier. The sheet will get unlocked and you can start editing it.


Cons of VBA Script:

Method 2: Excel Password Cracking Software

Excel has two types of password protection: Open password and Permissions password. The first is to open the workbook itself, while the later prevent editing or modification to worksheet. There are a bunch of well-known programs to help you crack the password from Excel without much effort involved. Excel Password Cracking software can recover open passwords and instantly reset permissions password. Here are both processes explained. We will get started with open password first.



win version


Windows Version

Step 1:Install and Run Exel Password Cracker

After downloading and installing the software, launch it. You will see two options, where you can select the first one. Then Add the protected Excel file to the program.


Excel Password Recovery

Step 2:Password Cracking Settings

Next, define the type of password attack. If you know the password length, any of the characters, etc., you can use Brute Force with Mask. If not, just Brute Force will suffice. Since Brute Force is a slower option, you can speed it up by using hardware acceleration. Just click on your GPU and whichever CPU cores you want to leverage, and proceed.


Excel Password Recovery Config


Step 3:Crack Excel Password Immediately

Click the Start button at the top and wait for the password to be recovered. It will be shown in a new window, and you can use this to unlock the file.


Excel Password Recovery Success


Note:Crack Excel Permissions Password

You have to wait a couple of hours or days to get the open password but for permission password, Excel Password Cracker can remove it instantly without waiting. Please follow the steps in blew to remove permission password from Excel worksheet.


Excel Password Recovery for Worksheet


Launch the tool and select the second option on the main page. Use the Add File button inside to import the excel files for which worksheet/workbook protection needs to be removed. Specify a location for the decrypted files to be stored and click to confirm the action.


Once your files are unlocked, you can navigate to them in Explorer and start working on them. All of the sheets in those files will have their passwords blanked, so you won't need to use one to edit the content or make other changes.


win version


Windows Version


Method 3: Crack Excel Password via Kali Linux

Kali is a Linux distro or distribution that is primarily meant to conduct digital forensics and pen testing. It can easily be used to crack an Excel file password (Open password) by using the right tools. For example, there are password cracking tools like Hydra and Johnny (GUI for John the Ripper.) In this article, we'll show you how to use Johnny in Kali Linux to crack an Excel password.


Step 1: Go to Applications > Password Attacks > Johnny and launch the utility.


Step 2: In Terminal, run the following command: Cat /etc/password > Desktop/crack && cat /etc /shadow >> Desktop/crack


Step 3: This above command will create a password file containing all passwords on that machine. Inside Johnny, click the button that says Open Passwd File. This will show you all the hashes and users.


excel password cracker john


Step 4: Click on Start Attack to begin the cracking process. When the attack is completed, you can click on the Passwords button in the left panel and view the cracked password under the "password" column for that user. Copy it and unlock your Excel sheet with it.


John the Ripper in its GUI form is very simple to use, but it can only work with relatively simple passwords. If your password is complex or very long, Excel Password Cracker will be the better option since it uses multiple attack methods and uses hardware acceleration to get the job done quickly and effortlessly.

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