How to Burn ISO to DVD or CD the Easy and Fast Way

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Are you looking for ways to burn ISO to DVD or CD? There are countless technical forums that can help you step-by-step to quickly and easily burn an ISO system image to a blank CD or DVD. Burning an ISO image is one of the common tasks that we have to do from time to time in order to fix specific unknown issues in our computer system.


There are a lot of choices available if you are looking for a software or a program to finish this task quickly. But, most of them are rather out of date and have not received any update over the years. When looking for a program to burn ISO to DVD or CD successfully, you will need something that is readily updated, easy to use, and solid and dependable.


To help quickly burn ISO to DVD without any worries, we have created two step-by-step methods to answer this issue. These options can provide you with the much-needed bootable disk to burn ISO to DVD or CD in just a few minutes.


Method 1. How to Burn ISO to DVD By Using ISOMate

Method 2. How to Burn ISO to DVD By Using ImgBurn

Method 1. Burn ISO to DVD By Using ISO Mate


ISOMate is an example of a powerful and dependable ISO image burning tool. It works well no matter what Windows version you are using, whether it is Windows XP and 7 or Windows 8 and 10. One of the best things about using ISOMate is that it has dual support for ISO burning on CD/DVD and USB flash drive. Also, it can automatically detect the external device when plugged into a PC, and the burning process can be done in a simple and easy-to-use window.


Aside from being easy to use, ISOMate also makes ISO image burning a whole lot easier than other programs. The entire process can be done in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Download and Install

Please find an accessible computer or laptop, download and install ISOMate program.


win version


Windows Version

Step 2: Run ISOMate and Insert DVD Disc to Computer

Once the download is done, you can now insert the blank CD or DVD to the PC. You can also use a USB flash drive for this. When the external drive is connected, add the ISO target image into ISOMate software.


iso to dvd burner

Step 3: Burn ISO File to DVD

Select your preferred file format. After, click on "Burn" button. It will then start the burning of the ISO file to your external disk. Wait for the whole burning process to finish before ejecting the drive.


While some ISO burning software have compatibility issues with other CD and DVD brands, that is not the case for ISOMate. It has been tested in more than 100 brands of CD and DVD disks to ensure compatibility and convenient use.

Method 2. How to Burn ISO to DVD By Using ImgBurn

If you are looking for a free but still excellent program to burn ISO to DVD or CD, using ImgBurn can be an excellent option. It is also compatible with whatever blank CD you are using. All you need is a few minutes of your time and your external drive. Follow the simple steps below to use ImgBurn in burning ISO image for CD and DVD.


Step 1: To start with the burning process, download the ImgBurn software. Once the download is done, run the .exe program and wait for a few minutes.


Step 2: After the program is up and running on your computer system, you can now get started on burning an ISO image. Open and launch the software to gain access to the flash screen. There, you will find a selection menu where you can select the operation you want to do using the program. At the top left portion, click on the Write Image File to Disk button.


Step 3: It will open the primary selection menu. Start selecting the files you want to burn on your external drive by clicking on the icon for Browse Folder. When the file browser has opened, find and select the ISO file you are planning to burn.


Step 4: Select the speed of the burning process as well as the option to have disk verification. It will double-check the ISO file that is written on the disk.


Step 5 : To start burning the ISO image to the CD, tap on the button located at the bottom left of the window. Wait for the confirmation dialogue to appear that the burning process is already complete. These simple instructions can easily get your locked computer booted from a CD.


imgburn dvd burner


What Would Be Your Choice?

So you can easily conclude that ISOMate is a better program when comes to DVD burning based on the steps and settings you should make during the process. ImgBurn is powerful but it is difficult for beginners and people who don't know much about technical details. That is why we recommend ISOMate at the first place. Actually, you can download and test the two programs on your computer. I am sure ISOMate will be your choice.


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