How to Burn ISO Image to USB Flash Drive on Windows 7/8/10

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ISO is a popular file format being used on CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc. The most common usage is for archiving operating systems like Windows, Linux or Unix. So once you burn an ISO image to an external disk such as USB flash drive, then you can directly boot it on your computer. It is quite useful if the computer has severe system issues or you simply want to reinstall the OS.


So, you have an ISO image file that you wish to burn on a USB flash drive. You may think, what the big deal in it, correct? Simply copy the ISO file and paste it on the flash drive and it's done! Well, sadly this is not the same scenario as copying other files on your flash drive. If you simply copy an ISO image file over a flash drive then you are just copying that exact file and not the content available in that ISO image file. If you try to boot on your PC using that theory then nothing will happen.


Fortunately, there are some free tools that can burn an ISO file to USB. You don't have to be an adept engineer or hire any headhunted technician to do this task. There are three amazing free tools available that can handle this job for you automatically. The complexity comes if you also want to boot from it. So in this article, we will show you how to burn an ISO to USB and make it bootable for operating system installation purpose.


Method 1: How to Burn ISO File to USB Drive via ISO-to-USB

Method 2: How to Burn ISO to USB Stick via ISO Mate

Method 3: How to Burn ISO Image to USB Drive by Using Rufus


Method 1: How to Burn ISO to USB via ISO-to-USB

ISO-to-USB is a popular program for burning ISO file to USB flash drives. This is also free program and the process and procedure to use this tool is more or less similar to Rufus. But if you are creating a bootable flash drive then this tool only works with Windows version.


Step 1: Download ISO-to-USB on your computer and launch the program.


Step 2: Click on "Browse" from the ISO file section and open the ISO image file. The file system can be both FAT32 and NTFS. FAT32 is recommended if you are not sure which one to choose.


Step 3: Enter any name on the "Volume Label" empty space. Click on "Bootable" if you are creating a bootable flash drive.


iso to usb burner


Step 4: Click on "Burn". That's it. Wait patiently until the burning process is finished.

Method 2. How to Burn ISO to USB with WizISO


One of the most versatile utilities to burn ISO files to a USB flash drive is a Windows-based software application called WizISO. It's faster and more reliable that most ISO burning tools, so you can quickly burn any image file onto a USB stick in a matter of minutes. It only takes a few seconds to figure out how to use the software, so don't worry if you don't have any computer knowledge or expertise in this area.


Another major reason why this should be your choice of ISO burning software is that most other utilities have not been updated for a long time. That means security risks in the form of potential malware injections and other problems. Often, you won't even get the kind of product or customer support with free tools.


win version


Windows Version

Step 1: Download and Install WizISO

Install WizISO Editor after you download it from the official website and launch the application on your desktop. Then click "Burn" button on the screen.

ISO Editor


Step 2: Insert USB into Computer

Insert a USB drive with enough space to hold your ISO file. The software will automatically detect it. Now add the target file to the software using the "Browse" option at the top.

Step 3: Burn ISO File to DVD

You can leave the partition style and system file settings in their default values. Just click the "Burn" button and you'll have your ISO file burned to the USB flash drive in just a few moments.


iso to usb burner


You can see very clearly that the process has been simplified to the extent that any novice user can quickly burn image files to a USB. There aren't any complex parameters to set up, so it's as easy as just getting the software, inserting your drive and burning it. This three-step method is what makes this software so popular among Windows developers.


Another major point is that ISO files are a little tricky to handle when you're trying to make a boot discor drive. Most other tools could throw errors like compatibility issues that new users may not be familiar with, but you won't find that issue with UUKeys UMate. It has been extensively tested on various media devices from the world's top manufacturers like Sony, SanDisk, etc., and has proved itself with an astounding success rate of over 95%. Is there any wonder that this is one of the most popular ISO burning software utilities available on the market today?


win version


Windows Version


Method 3: How to Burn ISO Image to USB by Using Rufus

Rufus is a free utility tool that will perfectly create a bootable USB drive and extract all the content from the ISO image file and copy it over to the flash drive. You don't even need separate files to make it bootable as the necessary files will be present on that ISO image file.


Step 1: Download Rufus on your computer and the best part is, it doesn't need any installation. It is a ready-to-use program. Double click on rufus.exe and the program will launch immediately.


Step 2: Insert the flash drive into the computer in which you have just downloaded Rufus to burn the ISO image. Click on the drop down from the Device option and select the name of your flash drive.


Step 3: Use the default setting for Partition scheme and target system type, File system, and Cluster size unless you have the correct knowledge on what to do with them. But it is recommended to leave them as it is.


rufus dvd burner


Step 4: Enter any name you like on new volume label section. It just represents a name for your flash drive for recognition purpose. Now check on the "Create a bootable disk using" and open the ISO file that you want to burn on the flash drive.


Step 5: Click on "Start" as soon all the settings are prepared correctly. For your assuredly, here's a screenshot on how the settings should look like:


rufus dvd burner


Step 6: Wait until the operation is finished successfully. When it is completed, you will get a pop up message that says "Done".



After finishing the burning process, the rest of the task is as simple as a piece of pie. Plug in the flash drive in any computer and start booting from it. You can make bootable flash drives using both programs and it works with the latest Windows 10 as well. As long you have an ISO image file, these two programs can easily burn and extract the files from them.


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