How to Easily Break Excel Password | The Best Way Revealed

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Excel password is a necessary security feature when you want to protect or restrict excel files. In most of the applications, excel sheet normally contain databases of very vital information whose access ought to be controlled. Some of the information contained in those sheets could be sensitive, or extremely private, that they landing on the wrong hands could be detrimental for a number of reasons. But what happens when you have lost the password to your excel files or you need to access a file whose password you don't have? Generally, you have to break the password in such a case.

About Excel Password Breaking Software

There is a myriad of ways through which you could gain or regain access to excel sheets whose passwords you don't have or have lost. But the most effective one is by using Excel password breaking tools for cracking the lost passwords. This type of password recovery tools is able to extract the hash value of password and break it with the built-in hash decrypting algorithms.


In this example, we will use Dr. Excel as demo. It is one of the best Excel password recovery software that makes it a breeze to bypass excel passwords without the risk of corrupting the files or losing data. This tool uses mask attack, dictionary attack or brute force to crack the excel password while leaving all the files and data intact.

How to Use Dr. Excel to Break Password from Excel

Dr. Excel has been used by thousands of people who need access to password-restricted excel documents. This is a subtle demonstration of the goodwill that the tool enjoys in the marketplace, as well as its versatility in helping people regain access to files whose passwords is unknown. The tool's effectiveness can be attributed to a range of features that it comes with, with the major ones including:



win version


Windows Version

Step 1:Download Excel Password Breaker

Of course, the first step is to download Excel Password Breaker. Please do this directly from the official site and not any other third party site.Once the program is downloaded, install it on the computer with the excel documents whose passwords you want to break. After successful installation, run the application and from the tool's main window, choose the very first option, which should be "Recover Open Password from Excel."


Excel Password Recovery

Step 2:Add the Excel File Whose Password You Want to Break

Click on the "Add File" button located on the menu bar. Browse to the location of the file in question within your computer and add it to the tool.


Excel Password Recovery Import

Step 3:Choose Preferred Attack Type

As noted earlier, Dr. Excel has three powerful password recovery algorithms. Each of these algorithms correspond to an attack type. These attack types include: Brute-Force Attack, Dictionary Attack, and Mast Attack. The attack type you choose is entirely dependent on you, and there is no attack type that can be claimed to be better than the other. Most of the times, the type of attack chosen is more of a personal choice.


Excel Password Recovery Config


Step 4:Start Cracking Excel Password

After choosing your preferred attack method, the next step would be to click on the "Start" button to start the password recovery process. Allow some time for the algorithm to run, and this will primarily depend on the complexity of the password. Once the process ends, a dialogue box will appear on the screen with the cracked password. This is what you will then use to gain access to the password-protected file.


Excel Password Recovery Success


In addition to removing excel open passwords, Dr. Excel can also be used to bypass editing permissions from Excel worksheet. If such files are password-protected, then you know that you can not edit them or change them in any way. But with this tool, you can easily unprotect them and modify them as you desire.


win version


Windows Version


About Free and Online Excel Password Breaking Tools

It is not hard to find a free password cracking tool like Hastcat, which is most popular among hackers. However, the password breaking is much more complicated than the above recommended method as there are a lot of commands to be involve and people hate command staff. Besides, you can also find a bunch of online services for password recovery, but it is really risky for the valuable data. You don't know what kind of people are running the website and the data can be used in bad ways if the password was recovered finally.




In one word, be aware of the scamming tools/services and if you insist on this, make sure anti-virus is running during the whole process. This will largely reduce the chance to get the computer infected by malware or virus.


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