Best Alternative to Ophcrack If Not Working on Windows 10/8/7

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Ophcrack is an open source software to retrieve password on Windows computers. This password cracker works on rainbow tables. To find out why Ophcrack failed to work, you need to understand the underlying details of this software. In Windows, the login password is encrypted along with a hash algorithm, which is irreversible. After that, the password is stored in the Security Accounts Manager (SAM). That is why it is not possible to regenerate the password from the hash value alone.


However, using rainbow tables, it is possible to target the hash value of your password. Rainbow table is a huge database of hashes with their plain-text passwords. Now Ophcrack extract the hash value from the Security Accounts Manager database, compare it with the hashes in the rainbow table. After finding a match, it generates the password in the plain text.


Common Errors Why Ophcrack Is Not Working:

  1. Not finding or loading tables.

  2. No partition containing hashes found.

  3. Not Booting from USB

  4. No x server running.

After getting idea about the working of the Ophcrack now you have to know that the reason behind its failure. Ophcrack is bundled with abstract rainbow tables, so without the supply of your own rainbow table, it can't retrieve every password. If the hash value of the real password is not present in the rainbow table, you cannot expect that Ophcrack will find your password. If you have used Ophcrack but it has failed to retrieve the password you can go with the alternatives of Ophcrack. Here we discuss three best Ophcrack alternative softwares, which are:


Alternative 1: Windows Password Recovery

Alternative 2: Cain & Able

Alternative 3: Offline NT Password and Registry Editor


Ophcrack Alternative 1: Windows Password Recovery

You don't remember your Windows admin passwords and you don't have any reset disc, no need to worry. Windows Password Recovery is the best software to remove the previous passwords and security settings, which restrict you to logging in. Use of this software you can remove the login restrictions. It will help in the situation of account disabled or forgot password.


In comparison other same software emphasize on easy to use approach. It has simple structure, easy installation steps, and safety measures. You don't need any technical knowledge to use . By this software you have to burn a CD or USB device which controls the whole booting process automatically and change the password in just 3 easy steps.


win version


Windows Version
win version


Mac Version


Step 1: First, download the software on an accessible computer.


Step 2: Now insert a blank CD or USB drive into the accessible PC, then start the program and reset disk with the built-in ISO image.


Windows Password Recovery start up



Step 3: Reboot the locked computer from the recently created reset disk or USB drive to reset the password. That's it!


reset windows password



software has been tested with all versions of the windows and with the different hardware vendors. It works on all the different versions efficiently. There is no any issue with this software, even with Windows 8. Many individual users and millions of enterprises have verified it as well.


Ophcrack Alternative 2: Cain & Able

Cain & Abel is one of oldest Windows password recovery software that was released in 2001. At that time, it was the only choice. You can recover all kinds of passwords with this tool, which utilizes various technology like network sniffing, dictionary based password cracking, brute-force, etc. This program has been an amazing tool for network admins, professional testers, teachers, security consultants and everyone who use it for ethical reasons. It can not be used for any illegal activity.


The latest version of Cane & Able has a lot of new features like APR(Arp Poison Routing) with feature sniffing can be done on switched LANs. It can also analyze encrypted protocols like HTTPS and SSH-1 and use filters to get passwords from a wide range of authentication mechanism.


cain abel



Alternative 3: Offline NT Password and Registry Editor

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor is a utility to reset the credentials of any user that has a valid local account on your windows PC. It supports all Windows version like NT3.5 to Windows 8.1, also useful for 64 bit and other server version like 2003,2008,2012. To set the new password you don't need to remember the old one. This utility works offline so you can boot off a CD or USB disk after shut down your computer, to reset the password. It detects the locked or disabled user accounts and offers to unlock them.


Step 1: Download Offline NT Password and Registry Editor from its official website on another computer.


Step 2: Insert a CD/DVD or USB into the computer and burn the ISO file to it.


Step 3: Eject the disk and put it into the locked computer.


Offline NT Password and registry editor


Step 4: Now boot the computer from the disk and you will see a number of choices such as password or regestry editing.


Step 5: Select "Edit user data and passwords". Next select an user account and change the password with a new one accordingly.


What Would Be Your Choice?

All the programs mentioned above have the full potential to recover forgotten password for Windows based PCs or laptops. However, each has its own pros and cons according to the user feedback. For users who don't have much knowledge in computer staff, is the best option for them. Otherwise, Ophcrack is a nice option as it is free. For networking based password cracking, Cain & Able is no doubt the best choice.



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